Be Aware When Doing Your Holiday Shopping – Woman Robbed of 2 Computers After Leaving Apple Store in Georgetown

Apple store at grand opening located at 1229 Wisconsin Ave, NW

From an MPD alert:

“Yesterday evening, a woman walked out of the Apple Store in the 1200 block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW after purchasing 2 laptop computers. A short time and distance later, while walking from the store to the 3300 block of N Street NW, the woman was robbed by 2 suspects. She was forcefully knocked down to the ground and both suspects escaped with the computers.

I think it’s safe to assume that the victim was followed from the store. The suspects may have been waiting for someone to leave the store with large bags or other obvious indications of a large purchase.

I have placed additional officers in the area and PSA 206 managers are discussing further precautions with the store.

As most of you know, this time of year is a favorite for criminals. They know we’re out shopping and probably not paying much attention to our surroundings. Please make sure to be aware of what’s going on around you; never leave valuables in your cars; and use common sense when leaving stores with large packages. If you see anyone acting suspiciously, call 911 immediately.”

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  • Wow. I walked out of the store with giant box a few weeks ago. The box had a high def color picture of my new iMac. ‘HEY LOOK EVERYONE I’M CARRYING $1500 RIGHT HERE!!!’

    It was a replacement for my laptop that was stolen the same morning by three dudes who broke into my house. As a walked the three blocks to my car on Wiscon, I kept thinking, “I really hope no one mugs me right now. Two stolen computers in one day would be super lame.” Guess that does happen.

  • A good tip – bring your own bags. Canvas shopping bags or even a small garbage bag if you’re buying something bigger. City life is public life and walking down the street with a bright Best Buy or Apple bag or box is just not safe. Someone can push you down, grab your stuff, and run before you even know you’re on the ground.

    Also bag well your boxes once your new toys are set up. It’s not a great idea to leave all your labeled boxes broken down next to your trash, thereby advertising that you have lots of new electronics just inside.

  • Another reason why I order all my shit online…

    Not sayin I’m afraid and can’t fight back, but I’ll never fight a man with a gun….

  • Just tell them it’s actually a Commodore 64

  • I wonder if the Kindle is the least stolen electronic gadget…

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