American Ice Company BBQ and Bar Open for Business Thursday!

American Ice Company, located at 917 V St, NW, had a preview opening on Tuesday night and as I suspected it is absolutely ridiculously amazing. All I can I say is that the attention to detail is among the best I’ve ever seen. The beer (I had a wheat beer called 321) was perfect and the bbq was smoky goodness.

This is the best bar to open up in NW DC since nearby Dodge City which was the best new NW bar to open since Solly’s…

But back to American Ice Company, well see for yourself:

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • Oh please don’t let this turn into a cheesedick haven. It looks so promising now.

  • I heard this was the same group that owns marvin and the gibson..not a fan of either but i do like BBQ…

  • FUN. I can imagine going there on dates, with platonic friends or the guys, alone with a book. Seems versatile. I’ll have to check it out this weekend.

    Anyone else read about that study that said pictures of red meat have a calming affect on men? Add craft beer to that. Ah, sweet endorphin rush…

  • There is a Santa Claus

  • I believe the beer was 312 – Goose Island wheat ale from Chicago.

  • Looking good! What’s the menu like? Any options for non-pork-eaters?

  • Looking good, but the tap list is a bit disappointing.

  • I’m checking this place out Tuesday. They couldn’t possibly be worse than Red Hot and Blue.

  • Oh sweet pork barbeque, how i love you. Definitely checking it out this weekend.

  • Looks surprisingly family-friendly. Uh-oh. You know what that means…

  • Does anyone know what time they are opening tonight?

  • I want to go to there…but I’m afraid I’ll never want to leave.

  • i’m tired of all you people that are flooding good bars on weeknights.
    go home. watch some tv. have a home cooked meal. especially you people that think “WOOOHOOO!” is a word.

    is there anywhere a man can go on a weeknight and find a mildly quiet bar anymore?

  • BBQ typically gives me the shits so I’ll pass on that, but I do love an ice cold beer!

  • I like how the first picture you show is of the patio. I think that’s the last place anyone would want to be right now. 🙂

  • So, will they be selling ice there?

  • I’m curious about the BBQ. Any reported ill effects from the oil barrel smoker that PoP previously photographed?

  • saf

    How are the prices?

  • I’m a vegetarian who is super freakin’ happy that this place has opened!! BBQ options here, as many have noted, are sorely lacking and when I fall off the veggie wagon (which happens on occasion) this is where I’m gonna land. Seeing this made me think of hot summer nights and forget all about the snow falling outside the window!! YAY!!!

    • Same here. I love the smell and atmosphere of an authentic BBQ joint, and will enjoy going here even if all I can do is drink.

      • not me. gimme some bbq tofu or seitan.
        it’s the sauces that make it.

        but i’ll still hit this place for a drink.

  • I am giddy. Chips and queso! I bet they are good too. I cannot wait. Hopefully this snow will keep some of the crowds away tonight so that I can actually get a seat. Actually, screw it. I wish this place all the best so I hope it is as busy as it can be.

  • Bartender, 9 jars of Chechvar please!

  • its like this place was designed to destroy me. BBQ + Beer + Bourbon = Boner! (in my pants)

    I hope its as good as you’ve described it.

  • please be good, please be good, please be good…

  • OK, I tried the place last night and I am a fan.

    The pictures definitely do the bar justice. It is a great hangout spot. It is also definitely a bar that serves food, rather than a restaurant. We got the chips and queso, which were really good, but our neighbors got the chili con queso, which was much better, so I would recommend that as your snack if you indulge in meat. The beers were good, not cheap (think 6-8/beer), but quality beers. Finally, for most of you, the most important part: The bbq. My wife and I both ordered the pulled pork sandwhich and I have to say I am impressed. It is not smothered in bbq sauce, which is how I like it. The meat is moist and delicious. The sandwiches are a generous size too. They come with coleslaw on the side. The bbq platters cost about 3-4 more and come with both potato salad and cole slaw. The meats rotate daily. Yesterday they had smoked turkey and pork. On any given day they will have 2 of either turkey, pork, beef brisket or sausage. I am looking forward to patronizing the hell out of this place.

  • Where are the high chairs? My son will definitely be excited to go here.

  • We went there on opening night! first people in line we were soooo excited. The place is great! great! great! typical cash register snafus. but the pulled Pork OH the pulled pork- delicious. And, i dont like coleslaw, but i liked their slaw- not too mayo-ee. and i had the 321… great pairing with the pulled Pork. I love that there are no ladies and gents restrooms- it just read CAN. LOVE IT.

  • So…we go there Saturday night at 7:30 pm, only to be told they had no food. That’s right…at the start of the dinner hour, they have NO FOOD. None. Nada. Nothing. Wait, I take that back; we were offered pickles. Otherwise, we were told, “you should come back tomorrow, when we’ll have more food.”

    • yeah, that is slight inconvenience, but they’re still in beta.

    • Not a big deal. It’s opening weekend and they’ve put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they’re a bar that serves food rather than a restaurant. They will get it down.

  • Good BBQ in DC? I will definitely have to check this out…anyone know of any other good suggestions for BBQ in the district? I have these terrible cravings for southern pulled pork sandwiches every now and then!

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