Judging Restaurants – Cafe Istanbul

Cafe Istanbul is located at 2001 L St NW. Their Web site says:

Our fascination with the cuisine and experience stems from Urfa Turkey. The cuisine is typical of the south-east; bread and meat are at the center either kebab, doner; particularly its distinctive mezes and kebabs.

But, our vision of the perfect restaurant has extended far beyond the actual menu. The atmosphere and décor play just as important of a part as the cooking; therefore, we wanted to provide a feeling of warmth and hospitality. We succeeded by creating dining areas that are as lively as they are sophisticated. A highly-trained and dedicated wait staff is another key to perfection, especially in providing diners with professional service and personal attention.

You can see their menus here. Could be a good late night spot as they are open until 4am on Sat. and Sun.? Any fans?

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  • Has Port of Peraeus (spelling?) been gone for a long time?

  • I work in the Port of P. is…it’s still very much there…
    Cafe Istanbul? I find it “okay”, but I’ve only had the salad and pizza.

  • Ugh. in the building where Port of P is… sorry!

  • This place is on the same block as my office.

    Cheaper that Port of P. The falafel I had wasn’t bad, and they seem very happy to have your business. Haven’t had the ‘za yet.

  • I had a doner kebab there once, and I wasn’t impressed. I believe they used to be called something else, so they may be under new ownership now.

  • We’ve had their pizzas and they are awful. This spot used to be Cafe Milano, which had the best delivery pizza in town. We ordered pizza from Cafe Milano on a regular basis and were impressed every time.
    It figures that a Turkish place wouldn’t have great pizza, but I’m still morning the loss of Milano and in search of a great delivery pizza place.

  • I had their Borek, which is a favorite of mine. It was good!

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