What the Helen of Troy is This?

This is from Park Road, NW in the middle of Mt. Pleasant. I assume it is to measure how many cars are using the road. But to what end? To decide whether or not to put in a stop light (there are already stop signs)? Any guesses?

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  • You get traffic counts for all sorts of reasons, not just to decide on whether or not to change circulation controls (lights/stop signs/etc..). More importantly, periodic traffic counts on arterials are used to calibrate the models that simulate traffic and passenger flow throughout the region. Better data going in means better data coming out.

    /used to live within sight of Park Rd.
    //left Mt. Pleasant to go to urban planning school.

  • Just as a side note, two “sensors” actually mean they’re able to record additional information, such as direction of travel and speed.

    • Usually, if you have two sensors measuring different things (a turning lane, a different lane of traffic, etc.), one is longer than the other. So one traffic movement hits both wires, while the other one only hits one. It looks like both of these wires are the same length. Why would anyone want to bunch both directions of traffic into the same count? Beats me.

      • Because it’s cheaper to split it up on the software side than to lay four lines of hardware? They can detect direction based on the two sensors, and split the data later, so why should they lay down an extra set of sensors for it now?

  • And another note – Bill Gates, when younger, invented a traffic metering device like this.
    I think in the new version it has IE – which is integral to its operation.

  • IT would be cool to put masking tape on the solar panel – hypothetically.

    • What, to prevent traffic engineers from collecting data that could make getting around town a little easier for everybody involved? Do you also go around your neighborhood pouring paint in mailboxes to make yourself feel better? Sheesh.

  • they’re on 14th, too, near social/allegro

  • Two sensors are for speed. They’re probably testing to see if they should install a speed hump.

    • generally speed bumps are installed based on the blocks request for them. not the actual speeds on the street.

      speeding cameras might be a different process though.
      or the hopes of turing the street into a one way street.

  • What I want to know is what kind of tape they use? Is this DDOT, or COG?

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