Transformers Hits DC

I happened to be walking near 14th and H St, NW when all of a sudden all these sirens were blasting and a caravan of wild cars starting passing. Of course it was the filming of Transformers 3 but when I came home I learned of the real accident that took place with the ‘bumble bee’ car.

For fans of the show a couple more photos after the jump.

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  • Transformers Hits DC, MPD hits transformers back.

    Take that Bumblebee.

  • I’m surprised it wasn’t a pedestrian. I hope they leave that in the movie, and then show Bumble Bee suing DC in DC court for police brutality… The movie would last 5 years, and fail miserably at the end. *sorry in advance*

  • I’m beginning to think that this is all fake and the cars don’t even turn into robots.

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