The 5pm Post – Join Chinatown Coffee Co. & Eat Wonky for a “Wonky Happy Hour” on Oct. 5th

From a press release:

“Chinatown Coffee Co. and DC’s newest food truck sensation Eat Wonky are teaming up for a “Wonky Happy Hour” Tuesday, October 5th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The Wonky truck will be parked outside Chinatown Coffee Co., located at 475 H Street, NW on the corner of 5th and H.

The shop will offer $3 Dale’s Pale Ale and $4 Victory Prima Pilsner & Victory Hop Devil for customers to enjoy with Eat Wonky’s menu of Wonky Dogs, Fries, and Grilled Cheese with special “Squeaky Cheese.”

Chinatown Coffee Co. also offers an assortment of wine and absinthe. We look forward to seeing you for beer, delicious food, and music!”

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  • so how does this work? everybody mills around outside while eating, then comes inside for drinks?

    • you buy the food truck food then go inside.
      its just a marketing gimmick yo. either you think its fun or you don’t.

      me, id rather just go to a place that has what i want, but i can see how the kids like this. its a bit novel.

  • sounds like Vesuvios in SF … they don’t serve food, but you can bring in from other spots like Molinari’s deli. Sounds like a good idea to me … if only other places would do this. Imagine the possibilities!

  • I think it’s nice to see a local business welcoming a food truck, rather than all the (understandable, if you’re a food vendor) opposition of late. Shows there ARE ways to work together.

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