Shooting at 1400 Block of Clifton St, NW in Columbia Heights

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From MPD:

“Tonight around 0200 hours, members of the Third District were called to the area of the 1400 block of Clifton Street, NW for the sounds of multiple gunshots. Once on the scene, the units found an victim suffering from several gunshot wounds to his body. The male was then taken to a local hospital… If anyone has any information relating to this incident , please call 202-727-9099..”

Photo above from outside the Columbia Heights Metro on 14th St, NW, MPD response due to a suspicious package. It was all cleared by 11:30pm.

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  • I’m calling the cops from now on every time I see people loitering on that corner…

    • Hope you have a lot of minutes on your cell phone plan

    • Loitering is not against the law in DC so calling that in t won’t do any good. The council has refused to pass a loitering law at least twice in the last 18 months, and refused various other “gang injunction” sort of laws as well. Do what they do: live in a nicer neighborhood. Can’t afford it? Tough.

      • Smoking marijuana is illegal, and that frequently seems to accompany the loitering…

        • In such situations I’ve found the best thing is to say there’s guys on the corner yelling stuff about killing people, but you couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying as you got out of there. This is of course usually true so it was never a lie when I said it. As for weed, you can try that approach as well but I doubt MPD will respond any time soon, this ain’t the Hamptons and we don’t have a zero tolerance policy on, well, anything.

  • Not saying these were kids again, but if so…

    At least the Council finally passed a law that once enacted may allow us to learn more about all these children with guns and ammo. No more sanctioned secrecy for the child gunmen now. Somehow I don’t think it’s gonna stop em.

    Perhaps we could learn some additional approaches to pursue from this report. Like life without parole for children convicted of homicide.

  • How about drug testing requirements for anyone receiving public aid for housing…

  • I was there last night. Saw the suspect get into his car after the shooting and try to drive past the area where the shooting took place. Cops were immediately on the scene and stopped him. When they tried to get him to get out of the car, he reversed and then drove up through the Fairview East parking lot. They gave chase, but I can’t believe they didn’t see it coming.

  • Actually Second Degree murder is a Class A felony in Washington, D.C. with a sentence of 30 years to life. Lavander Williams is not being sentenced until January 2011 so he may receive life incarceration but you don’t know that yet, none of us do. Please be careful when trying to cite statistics about crime.

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