Red Toque Cafe Opens up at 1701 6th St, NW in Shaw

“Dear PoP,

Was walking home from a late night at work when I noticed that the Red Toque Cafe at the corner of Rhode Island and 6th NW was open! It looked like Kebabs and other yummy treats, basically what was originally anticipated. I’ve been looking forward to having another good restaurant there, and I can’t wait to check it out.

I hope all your readers enjoy!”

I’ve been getting lots of emails from readers spreading the good news. Sorry for the delay in sharing the news but I was hoping to get a sample. Unfortunately the day I stopped by they were closed. Apparently they are owned by the same people from Red Toque Express located at 1003 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Anyone ever try that spot out before? You can see the Red Toque Cafe menu here. You’ll find lots of Kabob options ranging from $10-$13. Anyone try them out yet? After they’ve been open for a while I’ll be sure to re-post in a ‘judging restaurants’ post. In the meantime, it’s great to hear they’ve finally opened up!

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  • I’ve tried going about 4 or 5 times in the last several days and each time they’ve had the same sign out saying they’re closed for dinner and lunch. Most recently I stopped by today… I think something is wrong…

  • Why do they point out a few apps are vegetarian when they have no veggie entrees or sandwiches? Pretty blah menu if you ask me.

  • Canadian cuisine? Interesting.

  • I am excited to check it out! Its great to see businesses moving east on Florida.

  • the cook quit last Thursday and they’re in the process of hiring and training another. Had a lamb kabob from there last Monday and it was a bit over-seasoned, but very tender and tasty. The spinach was great. I figure the seasoning issue will work itself out once they get running regularly. Definitely a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • I went and had the Combo meal (boneless chicken kabob and kofta kabob). The chicken one was pretty tasty, the kofta( ground beef wasn’t too good. The rice was seasoned with cumin seeds and had a nice aroma. The bread was very very good. Chick peas on the side were a little soupy.

    I hope they adjust the menu to include Kabob/falafel sandwich or wraps with a side of salad or fries. I think the place would do better with less emphasis on kabobs and more on lighter Mediterranean food.

  • the beef was so tender and cooked perfectly, I went there on opening day, so if the cook quit, it might not have the juicy goodness I sunk my teeth into anymore.

  • I go to the one in Georgetown every workday – they have good coffee, nice staff, but only prepared sandwiches, no kebabs at that location.

  • Can they at least pull the weeds out that are growing up against their building? Is it asking too much for businesses to take care of the sidewalk and street around their property? Makes for a much nicer city….just sayin

  • I’m confused as to why there are no posts for today. I need my PoP fix! Is everything ok?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m fighting the cold/flu and posts may be a bit delayed today. I’ll be back in fighting form soon!!!

  • Feel better!! Your loyal readers await 🙂

  • Anon 10:43, a well known community organizer / hell raiser posted some months ago that the owner and neighbors would address the tree stumps and rats that prevail on that property.

  • Looking at Google maps in Georgetown, still they list M St., NE! Been like that for a while now I think.

    Anyway, didn’t know this existed on Wisconsin. Will check it out.

  • too bad they dont have any veggie entree/sandwich options.

  • As someone who lives in the area and walks by there almost they have definately improved the ouside and of course the building.
    Looking forward to trying their food and having them as a neighbor. I am sure they will continue to clean up their corner. Could also be perfect for outside seating…

  • Had the chicken byrani. Chicken was tender but not much of it compared to the heaps of rice. Will stop by on the way home again to give the kabobs try.

  • Got the lamb and kefta kabob. kefta was small compared to bread. Lamb was spicy but good. Guy at cash register -out of it. They need to get initogether! I am not that desperate for something in my neighborhood.

  • We just had a delicious meal at Red Toque. The bread was warm and puffy right out of the oven, the chick peas were amazing…kofta kabobs and vegetable biriyani. Yum, some of the best middle east food we have had. I encourage you to visit.

  • Just had the combo meal with the lamb and the chicken. That plus veggie sambosas made the perfect meal to split. Guy behind the register was great – friendly and generous, recommended two veggie sides instead of salad. Had the chickpeas and the spinach, mopped them both up with fresh bread.

    I was really really hungry, so that may have colored my experience. But I loved it! I will definitely be back and watching them as they work out the kinks in their menu. They seem really dedicated, and they’ve got a great space.

  • Delicious.

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