New bus line: U Street to Brooklyn launches on Friday October 22

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Thanks to Nichole for sending the word:

“Theknowitexpress is a bus service running from U Street to Park Slope (with a quick stop in Manhattan at Penn Station). Weekend bus service launches on Friday October 22, 2010 and will provide morning and afternoon departures: morning from U Street to Brooklyn and evening Brooklyn to U Street. 4.5 hours to Manhattan; 5 hours to Brooklyn.

The buses will feature:

* Free Wi-fi and Plug-in’s
* Free snacks and refreshments
* Comfortable leg room
* DC Metro and New York Subway accessible locations
* Newly released movies onboard
* Laptop borrow service
* Senior and Student Discounts
* Frequent Traveler and Group Discounts
* Free Reschedule Privileges
* Exclusive member discounts for local businesses, events, and deals
* On-board bike storage (ride to U Street and have your bike with you for the weekend in NY)

Tickets are $25 one-way, $45 round trip ($40 with student discount) and $30 one-way walkup (DC location only). There’s no BS “$1 fares” that are advertised but that you can never get.

To kick things off, for the first 30 days, we have decided to offer 50 free rides to guests traveling to and from Washington, DC and New York. Sign up today at (Ed. Note: Web site wasn’t live when I last checked) for your chance to ride free and to receive notification of when we go live, promo codes and booking information.”

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  • Hello! Can’t wait for everyone to get on the bus. Sorry for the website net, which captures our purchases, is sweeping the site for bugs to secure purchaser information (it is our great luck they picked

    This level of security is just one more perk for riding with us..we have a system that protects your information from hackers! We will be up ASAP! Keep checking back..we are coming….

    • How soon will this website be back? I called the “gomega” number but timetables/schedules are not given through this. I have a trip coming up & it is fairly urgent.

  • “There’s no BS “$1 fares” that are advertised but that you can never get.

    To kick things off, for the first 30 days, we have decided to offer 50 free rides to guests traveling to and from Washington, DC and New York.”

    Glad we cleared that one up

  • They should have called it the Hipster Express.

  • I wonder where the half-way rest stop will be…please somewhere away from the BK/KFC/Starbucks stop? a little known hipster town somewhere? maybe?

    • I think the area between H Street and Brooklyn is just flyover country for Hipsters. Square suburban wastelands, just like the Arcade Fire sing about.

  • i’ve gotten the $1 fare before. it’s not some sort of myth. the first ticket the sell is $1. of course you aren’t going to buy that ticket most of the time, but it’s not “BS.”

    • Same, and sometimes it’s not even just the first ticket. I’ve gotten a $1 ticket on BoltBus twice, and both times the tickets were booked the day before I was leaving.

    • I’ve gotten about two dozen $1 fares. If you’re a smart shopper (somewhat flexible about travel plans, book in advance, and follow @[email protected] on Twitter), getting them is a piece of cake. Funny that the author of this post is contemptuous of the good deals simply because they and their friends can’t get them.

  • 50 free rides? That’s not even one full bus load of people, BFD.

    And a “quick stop” at Penn Station? No such thing. If I wanted to deal with the headache of midtown, I’d just take the Boltbus for $20 cheaper.

    • Yeah, agreed. Quick Stop at Penn Station? Um… no. Not possible.

      This could have been enticing if it were to go straight to BK (Goethels Bridge through Staten Island over the Verrazano straight to the Atlantic Avenue Target).

      You are paying extra to be in traffic to drive through the city to get to BK, instead of hopping on the 2/3, which would get you there faster.


      • Agree totally. I got excited about this until I saw the stop at Penn Station. It’s a hell of a lot quicker to take Bolt, hop on the train and get over to Brooklyn. If they went straight to Brooklyn they would make a fortune.

  • Where in Park slope?

  • this makes me not want to ride them:

    they define: go go, the metro, the beltway, and the harbor

  • love the bike option! that is really great.

  • Great news! They should do well.
    I’ve never understood why Amtrak doesn’t bring down their prices between NY, Philly and DC and market this demographic. They’d make up the fare loss in volume of travelers. I would love to take the train up to New York but find it WAY too expensive.

  • The nice thing about Megabus (which is my preferred way of getting from DC to NYC cheaply)is that it has very frequent departures. The not-so-nice thing is the time-killing stop at White Marsh.

    And Megabus has transit-friendly locations–near Metro Center in DC and a subway line near both the drop-off and pick-up points in NYC.

    But if the timing is right, I may consider you all.

  • Instead time killing stops anywhere, why not just a transit system -to-transit system bus, say New Carolloton to Metropark or something.

    • i wouldnt because because i’d prefer to go from where i am, to where i want to be with no transfers. but knock yourself out.

  • This was an awesome topic. Thanks to everyone for all their input. I love the concept, and since I’m from Park Slope (among other places in Brooklyn)…going back for the cost of zip is amazing. Thanks to PoP for the review!

  • I like the bike thing, but there is no mention of it on the website, I wonder if its included in the price or if there is an extra fee.

  • I was going to make the joke that I’m sure they have bike storage for all the fixed-gears. But I guess they really do have bike storage. You gotta hand it to them for knowing their clientele.

    Do the “refreshments” include PBR?

  • Good idea. Even when I was a student I wondered why someone did not operate DC to NYC bus service with pick up at the local college campuses. G-town, GW, Howard and Catholic alone could probably fill 3 buses to NYC every weekend. Not to mention, Maryland has tons of students from NY (Long Island and Jersey too).

  • How bout the bus delivers you to Bushwick or East Williamsburg? Park Slope is Amtrak-riders country.

    • Yeah, It would be more difficult for me to go to park slope than just going to lower east side and take a train in. i would have to go into manhattan and back out again into brooklyn.

      So instead of Penn Station, How about one stop in park slope and one stop in Williamsburg.

  • Not many Hipsters here in baby stroller Park Slope. If you are looking for hipsters in Brooklyn you may want to go to Williamsburg.

  • Hi everyone!

    I wanted to let you know that theknowitexpress has heard you and we’ve decided to flip our stops! This means that we’ll head directly to Park Slope from U Street, and then go on to Manhattan.

    We also like the Williamsburg stop idea, and that may be something we’ll add in the future!

    Thank you all for your input and suggestions – and keep ’em coming!

  • I spoke too soon!

    We’ve decided to cut Manhattan altogether. People want to go to Brooklyn, so that’s what we’re going to do.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions (and hipster jokes)!

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