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  • o’tasty is the bomb!

  • Where the wings, french fries, and mumbo sauce? and the subs?

  • I prefer North Sea for my Chinese delivery, but I have friends who swear by this place.

  • i just moved from a place very close to george’s III, which had been my go-to chinese carryout. o’tasty is good, not great, but their prices are excellent (so are george’s). however, i feel like their food tastes a bit too “healthy” for me. if i’m getting chinese take out, i want the gross americanized version of george’s. it’s delicious. i might be alone on this one, but george’s = nom.

  • love o’tasty! I think it’s one of the best (americanized) chinese places in the city. Just far prefer delivery to dine-in because it’s cramped and the dining area doesn’t look particularly clean.

  • Did anyone else notice the delivery guy driving through the front door?

  • Let’s not forget that O’Tasty’s carry out menu is an unintentional comedy goldmine. My favorite items include:
    “Mazzarella Stick”, “Jumbo Cheeseburger Sandwiches”, and “Filet of Fish Cheese”.

  • It’ll do in a pinch.

  • This place has given two of my friends food poisoning on two separate occasions. But I mean, what do you expect from an Irish-Chinese-Mexican inspired take-out place?

  • Vile slop. Great Wall is the best in the City. Hands down.

  • I tried these guys once and it was just OK. Mr. Chen’s is my go-to place for Chinese delivery.

    • I work very near Mr. Chens and have been in their kitchen and prep area. Do not eat there under any circumstances.

      You’re welcome.

  • I had a great “Who’s on first” experience with a delivery guy from here in my building years ago. The bags smelled so good I asked him what restaurant he was from. In broken English he said “Oooh! Tasty!” I replied, yes, I’m sure it’s tasty, but what’s the name of the restaurant. . . Went back and forth for a while until he handed me a menu and I figured it out.

  • If you are vegan/vegetarian I totally recommend their TVP chicken. Their mock beef is kind of gross. The price and amount of food you get puts them above North Sea (which also has a lot of veg-friendly Chinese food) in my book. However, they deliver to my boyfriend’s apartment on Georgia Ave but I’ve been unsuccessful in having them deliver to me on 4th street. On the other hand, despite being further west, North Sea actually delivers to me. So, while I prefer O’Tasty, if I’m eating at home and want good veg-friendly Chinese, I opt for North Sea.

  • The hepatitis here is to die for.

  • I lived on this block. All I can say is that the rat / roach infestation in these restaurants would make Indiana Jones puke. No chance I would ever eat food that was prepared on this block.

  • I walked in to scope the place and the smell of latrine sent me running out the door. This experience alone prevents me from ever sampling the food. Check out the place yourself in person before ordering the take out.

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