Dear PoP – Trick or treating in PoPville?

Reader Submitted Photo of 1700 block of Lanier Place, NW

“Dear PoP,

I’d be interested to hear about the state of trick-or-treating in PoPville. There are very few other children on our block, and I’ve never seen more than a couple little kids out and about on Halloween. We mostly get unfriendly pre-teens who didn’t even bother to dress up. Does anyone have thoughts on the safety of trick-or-treating with a small child, or blocks that are especially kid-friendly on Halloween?”

We looked at some people’s experiences last year. I feel like it changes every year. Some years there are tons of kids and some years not so much. What advice do you guys have? How many bags of candy is generally enough? What are the times that the kids come? (Please say what neighborhood you’re talking about.)

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  • If you live in a large condo, you’ll need approximately zero bags of candy, unless you feel like eating one yourself. I wonder if the Georgetown or Dupont crowds give out the good stuff…

  • What day are they trick or treating in DC?

  • what’s the protocol for apartment-dwellers? do folks get their doors knocked on? in different places i’ve seen it differently. moved into my current place in nov ’09.

  • At our condo, they never rang the bell or knocked (it was a 3rd floor walk up) in the last three years.

    This was around 12th & Euclid.

    I am expecting more traffic at our rowhome at 13th & Kennedy. Lots more families in the area.

  • We live in Columbia Heights and have gotten a variety of numbers of kids in the past 10 years – in recent years we’ve gotten fewer numbers, maybe about 20 groups. My daughter goes trick or treating along Euclid, Fairmont and Girard and brings back a huge haul of candy – the combination of not a lot of other kids and houses close together. I turn off the front porch light at about 9:00 and ignore anyone who rings after that.

  • Allison St./New Hampshire NW

    I got a decent amount of kids last year and took my son around the neighborhood as well. Some blocks have nearly every light on, and some only a few… it’s hit and miss. I will say that I think I only went through 2 bags of candy? I had a lot left over, which is never a problem for me 😉

  • My block in MtP seemed to get into the spirit of things last year – try Kilbourne Pl. When is the Halloween party scheduled for on Kenyon?

  • We got a ton of kids at my group house last year on 18th St. in Mt. Pleasant.

    • how funny. i live in MtP and have never gotten a trick or treater. i leave the light on, put out pumpkins- no one knocks.

  • there were a ton of kids in bloomingdale last year. I had to go out and buy more candy twice and we were still out by 9.

  • The 500 block of Taylor St NW is having a Halloween block party – on Halloween itself, from 1-4pm. It would be a fun way to take your kids out for Halloween without actually going door-to-door.

  • Where I live, I get lots of overflow from all the Trick or Treat traffic on East Capitol street (which is awesome on Halloween). Not like some people (friends on Lincoln Park and East Cap get anywhere from 500-800 kids)but usually there’s a couple hundred, if I sit outside. If I don’t sit outside, and they have to ring the bell, it’s a lot less b/c they have to walk across the big patio to get there, and I think that’s a deterrent.

    But, I’ve seen huge truckloads of children get dropped off to trick or treat in our neighborhood, so I guess it’s a pretty good place for it.

  • i live in manor park/brightwood. In the past two halloweens i’ve gotten about 50-75 kids each year.

  • We live on Gallatin in 16th Street Heights. Plenty of kids come by. I am generous with the candy and ran through 3 bags last year. The sugary stuff definately went faster than the chocolate.

  • Nichole,

    I imagine you’re talking close in on East Capitol Street? We just bought a condo in a town house at 18th and East Cap. across from Eastern High school. Do the tricker-treaters make it that far down the street?


    • I have friends who live right near where you are, and I think that they do get some, but not in the 100s. A lot of parents though from down that way, bring their kids close in on East Cap to see all the decorations (also, lots of the East Cap houses are rumored to give full sized candy bars… )

      It’s never a bad idea to just have a bowl available. Our neighborhood has so many kids everywhere, that it’s a good idea to be prepared, if you’re going to be home.

  • When I lived on Kilbourne St. in Mt. Pleasant there would be tons of kids trick-or-treating, however I was on the north side of the 1800 block, and they were all too lazy to walk up any of the stairs on my side. They would take a look at us sitting on the front porch with a big bowl of candy and just walk past…

  • AdMo, between Columbia & Calvert

    This will be my first Halloween in AdMo and I really hope some trick or treaters come by! I didn’t have one single visitor for the 8 years that I lived in an apartment building and it was kind of depressing. Since I’m no longer in an apartment building I’m hoping to see lots of little ones running around and knocking on my door for candy.

    • Lanier Place from Ontario to Adams Mill is closed for trick-or-treating each year. You should get some overflow from that for sure, especially if you sit out on your front porch.

      Even more than the jack-o’lantern and lights on, I really think people sitting on the front porch encourages kids to come and get treats.

      For those sitting, it can be a fun evening/way to chat with your neighbors and share a casual adult beverage or two.

  • 1) Last year in Petworth near Grant Circle was dismal, went looking for friendly houses with our trick-or-treaters and other than a few bright exceptions even houses with decorations were not answering the door. LAME considering how many families live in this area. We plan on trick or treating outside our own neighborhood this year. Little legs can only walk so far for a Kit Kat. And if you aren’t giving out candy, turn off your porch light and don’t put out a bunch of decorations!
    2) There’s a Halloween haunted house at the Petworth Rec Center this year – the little kid’s one is Saturday 10 a.m. to 2? And there’s a big kid’s one I think Friday night. Also Forest Hill playground on Chesapeake off Connecticut is holding a kiddie Halloween party with a costume contest starting at 10:30 a.m. Saturday
    3) Lots of trick or treaters at single family homes in Admo and Kalorama Triangle, best street was Lanier Place north of Calvert if they are continuing their tradition this year.

  • Three kids total last year at my house in Brookland, but I also live up a few flights of stairs. My house is not the softest target.

  • Lamont St in Mt.Pleasant has TONS of people…they shut the street down to traffic, have costume contests, seems like thousands of people

  • Halloween in our neighborhood has been great and taking our kids out has been a great way to say hi to all the neighbors. We’re on 3900 block of Kansas and hit several blocks in the area.

  • Irving St. between 13th & 14th is always a madhouse. I get two huge Costco bags – each kid gets 2 pieces and it lasts until around 9. I also usually have my boa constrictor out, so that’s more fun than candy. I pick out the nastier candies – (blue mints mostly) for teenagers without costumes.

  • Man, I’m glad trick or treating isn’t that popular here – buying candy gets really expensive really fast. My parents live in a nice, walkable neighborhood in Nashville and see upwards of 2,500-3,000 kids every Halloween. They buy probably 25-30 Costco-sized bags of candy and run out by sundown. They can afford to participate, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to. Better to have no visitors at all than have to deal with that!

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