PoP Pho Patrol: Pho 14 Expanding into Next Door Storefront!

I’ve heard many claim that Pho 14 (1436 Park Road, NW) has the best Pho within the city (not including Northern Virginia). I don’t doubt it because every weekend evening I’ve tried to go the place has been packed. Fortunately, a tipster gave me some very good news which I have confirmed on Tues. afternoon – Pho 14 is expanding next door into the former spot of Simply Soles at 1438 Park Road, NW. But that’s not all – Pho 14 will also be expanding their menu by 30-50 items. You can see their current menu here. When pressed for some additions they told me they’d be adding ‘hot pot’ which is when the food is cooked in the center of the table. Pending no trouble with permits, they’ll be taking down a wall to combine the two storefronts and hope to open the new space with the new menu in October. I think that’s a bit ambitious and will predict a Nov. expansion but all in all this is great news!

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  • Go Pho 14! They are expanding to hot pot just in time as my hot pot making friend from Hong Kong is moving to the left coast. Hot pot is great for lunch or dinner with friends on a cold winter day.

  • This is wonderful news! It is great to see small biz expanding! Any chance on them serving beer anytime soon?

    • Im wondering the same thing. I can’t imagine what would be taking them so long. Its been over a year and still no booze? Yet other establishments get them right off the bat.

      • Maybe they don’t want one? I just think it is odd that they have a bar but nothing at the bar.

        • I’ve asked a couple times and each time they have indicated they are in the process of trying to get a license and that the city is the hold up.

        • Last time I asked they said they weren’t going to get a license (had enough business as is, didn’t need to serve alcohol).

          • well. thats interesting. The same amount of business with booze would boost their profits considerably. The mark up on a 22oz Saporra is like 600 percent. I go to Nam Viet in CP because I need to wash down my meals with beer and they carry 33, Tiger, Saporra. If Pho 14 had beer I would stay in the neighborhood. Especially cause Nam Viet doesnt have bahn mi

  • “Pending no trouble with permits,”


    But, seriously, this is great news for a great local business. And me. Because hot pot’s the sh*t.

  • I love it! You know what they say, if you don’t serve hot pot, then get off the pot!

  • I asked about the liquor license too and they said they probably wouldn’t get one because they’re on a mostly residential block and there’s a church across the street.

    • That makes sense–at least the church bit. But I don’t think they’d be having a conniption the way Shiloh did when Vegetate (R.I.P.) had to fight for a liquor license.

      Let’s just hope those hot pots include vegetarian options!

  • Life is good.

  • Pho Viet up on 14th has better Pho Thai for sure.

  • a church across the street is what’s preventing this place from obtaining a liquor license? i love this spot but seriously??? churches should get off city blocks!

  • This is great news. I’m excited for the family of Pho 14. I’ve been to Pho Viet before and wasn’t impressed at all. They add too much MSG and little beef to sweeten the broth. Being Vietnamese, I can sense that Pho 14 takes great care of their both. My mom told me she has never had a veggie pho before and thought Pho 14 was the healthiest and tastiest.

  • i’m always confused about why pho 14 is constantly packed with a line out the door, while pho viet is nearly empty. it’s a few bucks cheaper, and also possibly better than pho 14. is pho viet just a couple blocks too many up 14th street?

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