Mt. Pleasant News – Pfeiffer’s Hardware becomes Old School Hardware

“Dear PoP,

Just got back from what I thought was Pfeiffer’s only to see a new sign above the shop and in the door for “Old School” Hardware. I have noticed an increase in stock the last few times I have been in there and of course the new fancy credit card machine. Thankfully, the same friendly and VERY helpful people seem to be there. Wondering if your readers have any more info…”

The store’s new Web site, Old School Hardware says:

“Phrases like “Bon Voyage”, “Winning Lottery Ticket”, and “Yes, I would really like to go out on a date with you,” evoke a certain amount of excitement and spark one’s imagination.

We think “Hardware Store” fits into this category quite well.

Our store has the products you need to do everything from your “Honey Do” list to your home renovation project. With a little bit of planning, we can bring in almost any product that you might need.

Please let us know what we can do for you and thank you for shopping with us.

-Katie & Phil”

We’d be hearing for years that Pfeiffer’s, located at 3219 Mt. Pleasant Street NW, would be selling. Glad to see they stayed a hardware store. I once wondered if neighborhood hardware stores were doomed. But with the survival of Pfeiffer’s (with their new name) plus Fragers and others – DC’s hardware store’s seem to be holding tight.

Thanks to the reader for sending all the info. Anyone notice any differences at the new Pfeiffer’s – Old School Hardware?

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  • Some people might lament the name change but i’m just glad to see it remain a cool local hardware store. I’ll have to stop by soon and check them out

  • Glad to see they’re still hanging in. When my apartment had a rodent problem a couple of years ago, Phil’s was — believe it or not — the ONLY retailer to stock heavy-duty steel wool and one of shockingly few who even knew what I was talking about when I phoned to ask for it.

    Nice guy. Even helped me chase down my runaway change when I failed to zip my hand purse, and the coins spilled everywhere. 😉

  • I like the old name. Has more of a neighborhood feel.

  • You all probably know this already, but the previous owners moved out of town about a year ago, leaving no Pfeiffers involved.

  • The new name is cheesy, but the folks here are helpful and know what they’re talking about. They’re a big asset to Mt. Pleasant.

  • I always go here first for bits and things I need. I’ve never been entirely pleased with their choice of brands to stock, but they do carry a pretty wide variety of stuff for such a small store, and most of the people there are very knowledgeable – you just need to know who is good so when you walk in you can decide whether or not to stay or come back for advice. Also, they are very community oriented, which is just fantastic.

  • Everyone should thank their lucky stars that Phil and Katie stepped in, purchased the place and kept it a great local neighborhood hardware store. From what I heard, Pfeiffer’s wasn’t making much money and there was certainly the possibility of it failing. With new owners and “updating” of the business, Mt. P. keeps a local treasure.

    Plus Phil and Katie are incredible people; the type of folks many of us would go to war for any day.

  • Good news- I only went to pfieffers a handful of times (i’m a renter, i never needed much) and several times they were out of whatever i needed- I encourage the new owners to stay on top of restocking their supplies, especially at busy times of the year. Best of luck!

  • I was in the store a few days ago, and they were out of what I needed and told me to call back to see if it had come in. I just called and the guy who answered was really rude! He seemed put off by the fact that I didn’t know the name had changed, and hung up abruptly. Yikes.

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