Judging Restaurants – Zorba’s Cafe

Zorba’s Cafe is located at 1612 20th St NW. It’s Web site says:

Zorba’s Café has been family owned and operated since it first opened its doors in 1984. The owners, together with their dedicated staff, will cater to your palate needs. The service is friendly, fast and precise. While your mousaka or pastitsio is being prepared, you might find yourself involved in conversations with other guests and the owners, mostly talking about that unique part of the world, Greece.

Zorba Café’s recipes have been passed down in the family over four generations. Fresh ingredients and wholesome herbs are used to prepare the long menu of wonderful dishes like roast leg of lamb, keftedes, spanakopitta and chicken reganato. Enjoy delicacies like taramosalata, tzatziki, hommus, tabouli salad and many, many more. The food is always fresh, and everything, including the bread rolls and the pizza dough, is made at Zorba’s Café daily.

Another big attraction of Zorba’s Café is its outdoor sidewalk patio. From April through October you can relax and enjoy the deliciously prepared food, the Greek music, the colorful flowers, while the aroma of the jasmin blossoms makes you believe that you are really on an island in the Aegean Sea with your friend Zorba the Greek!

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

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  • I have been a devoted fan since they opened!

    It is a perfect location, great food, good service, hot looking men working there, but unfortunately the prices have jumped dramtically over the years.

    If they would correct that, maybe even have specials now and then, it would get a 5 star rating from me.

  • I quit eating there when they jacked the prices up.

  • I would move out of the city if Zorba’s ever closed. And whiners – what prices haven’t “jumped dramatically” over 25 years?

  • I’ve liked the food the few times I’ve gone, but I agree with the other comments, it’s pretty pricey for a no wait-staff type of place.

  • This is my favorite spot in Dupont. Love the food, love the friendly service, love the patio in the summer and enjoying the beautiful photos of Greece in the winter. The Fire Feta dip is the best!

  • Its probably the most authentic food I’ve had in DC, and I love it. Of course, I was a starving college student in Athens, so I mostly ate at To Souvlaki (fast food gyros).

  • Zorba’s is great; I wish they would open up shop in other parts of DC. For the quality & quantity of food (and location!), the prices are reasonable. The fact that it’s not table service also helps keep your price down.

  • used to love zorbas until i got food posioning from a gyro. it was baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  • Their Souvlaki platter is the best I’ve ever had, hands down. And that’s even after going to the Greek Festival on Upshur this past weekend. Zorba’s is still the best.

  • kiki

    Eat there every couple of months or so. I love their warm hummus and pita, however, I wish they put tomatoes, onions, etc on their gyros. It’s just cucumber sauce.

  • Shocked at all the positive comments… some of the worst gyro meat Ive had- over rated by a ton. Not a fan, won’t be back. Far better greek food many other places.

  • I really like their chicken souvlaki, but their bread used for the sandwiches/wraps definitely comes straight from a bag (I’ve seen them pull it out!)

  • anonymouse_dianne

    It’s the best Greek cooking in DC — outside my mom’s that is.

  • Not a fan. I don’t see why you would like this place unless you’re really into dry chicken and iceberg lettuce. The only good thing about is the outdoor seating.

  • Pretty good, but Greek Deli Express on 19th is much, much better. However, Zorba’s is open past 3 in the afternoon, has seating and a nice patio, so there’s room for both on my dance card.

    • Second Greek Deli. Way better than Zorbas. I remember when they first opened and they were just alright, but I always ended up going back to Vesuvios, which was grungy, delicious, and cheap. Now they’re gone and the closest that comes to it is The Greek Spot.

  • I also quit going there. The prices have went up way to much. You cant get away without spending about 19.00 for a paper plate of food and a beer. Why to expensive for that type of place.

  • You have the address wrong. It’s 1612 20th St. NW, just north of Q Street and the Dupont Circle Metro entrance.

  • I wonder how much it costs to operate a restaurant in DC? Judging by the amount of restaurants that have opened and closed so quickly, I am betting it’s not as inexpensive as people thing. Cheers to Zorba’s and their ability to be a fixture in Dupont!

  • Really excellent roast chicken. Prices are a bit on the high side given that the place is pretty basic in terms of ambience and that the operators (as far as I know) also own the building. On the other hand, there is always enough seating, in contrast to some other chicken places (particularly Chix).

  • I really do like Zorbas, and will likely continue to eat there in the future. But having said that, last time I was there, we ate on the second floor in the corner facing road and there were ants/flies all over the walls near our table. Okay, “all over” is probably an exaggeration, but they were significant enough for me to want to finish and leave as quickly as possible.

  • I agree that Greek Deli is way better. And I agree that their prices are too high. Levante’s is just down the street and has better Moussaka (my favorite Mediterranean dish), is a couple dollars cheaper, has waiter service, and has happy hour specials. I’d only go to Zorba’s over them if I were in a hurry and only had time for fast food.

  • I think I went there once, tried their falafel, and hated it. I just remember not liking the place at all. And my boyfriend, who’s the least picky person I know, hates that place too.

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