Good Deal or Not? “rich w/ period charm & elegance” edition

This home is located at 1700 Q St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stately Victorian Mansion rich w/ period charm & elegance. Manicured flower gardens, w/ statuary, fountains, iron fencing, & carved stonework. Grand Entry Hall w/ Marble FP & staircase boast original wood crown moldings. Huge Eat-in Kitchen, w/ granite island, FP, & private terrace. Basement app w/ FP, W & D. Needs TLC, but can be great again.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Dang, here’s another house over $1 million this week but I thought it was gonna be a condo and when I saw the pictures I had to see what you guys thought. I know there are many who dig the historical details. Well what do you think of this one? This 5 bed/5 bath is a short sale going for $1,500,000. What do you think it should/will actually go for?

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  • Not my style, but it certainly is a beautiful house. I love its position in the block, the yard, the stone work, etc. It would have been grander if all three houses were combined to one. Final price 3.2 mil.

  • Without knowing how much the “owner” actually owes on the place, a short sale is a waste of time. There’s no way to know if the bank would actually accept this amount. The guy bought it 8 years ago for $1.2 million, but $1.5 won’t cover his current mortgage balance? Just how much cash did he extract from the place during the bubble years?

  • I actually think this is quite a deal, and I bet it goes for much more than the asking unless “Needs TLC” = “Requires complete gut of mechanicals to be livable and brought up to code”. From the looks of the pictures it doesn’t seem to be nearly in that state. I’m guessing maybe some significant roof work? New boiler? Regardless, I’ve always loved this property. Wasn’t it law offices or a campaign headquarters or something in recent years?

  • It’s a mansion in Dupont!

  • All that money and they can’t produce a clear photo or a picture of an entire room other than the stupid kitchen! You know this will be cut into condos and the features ruined. I’d love to have seen pictures of it in it’s original state before the developers get ahold of it.

    • Agree. There was not a single picture worth looking at.
      The only “rooms” you got were the bathroom and kitchen, in soft focus and not overly impressive.
      So it if hard to have an opinion about the house, except, that it is very large and a good address (I think, not sure).
      Certainly worth looking at if you’re in the market for a monster house in the price range.

    • It always amazes me that people with $1 million+ properties refuse to spend a couple thousand on professional staging and photos. It pays off tremendously.

  • Hey, this is my old place.

    Backstory: The owner (my former landlord) tried to sell this place a few years back for a fair chunk of change after it was discovered he was illegally operating a business out of it.

    I believe he was asking for roughly 2 million then, and it didn’t sell. He rented it out to 6 of us after that. It is enormous, has some amazing details, but needs at least another 500K-1 million in repairs and updates. It also costs a small fortune to heat and cool. Frankly, I can’t imagine a family big enough to fill it.

    Then again, the place does have a dumbwaiter and an amazing garden area. So that’s something.

    • I have always wanted a house with a dumbwaiter I don’t know why because I am not the sort to throw those sorts of parties to require the of such a device but still the idea is cool.

    • Wasn’t the owner on House Hunters a few years ago? I think he bought a place in Miami or Central America. Hopefully, he could afford that one…

  • I would love love love to buy this place. I’ve been walking past it and admiring it for years. I hope a DINK couple with flamboyant entertaining habits buys it and invites me to the parties.

  • Any developer who rips out that woodwork shold be shot.

  • The house is a group house (hence the lack of photos). The owner does only the bare minimum to keep it inhabitable. I pity the person who takes this on despite how beautiful it is inside.

    • Are you sure you’re talking about this place and not the one on P and 17th that PoP featured several weeks ago? Or maybe they are two peas in a pod: beautiful old mansions left to deteriorate in a great neighborhood.

  • It’s a beautiful house in arguably one of the best locations in the whole city. I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t snatch it up and split it up into condos.

  • With that facade and location, it would sell for 1.5 million as a shell.

    It will certainly sell for more, but with the credit markets the way they are, this will be bought by someone with cash, and they will be able to negotiate the deal down much more than it would sell in a typical market transaction. I say it goes for 2.25 mil

  • I could be wrong, but I don’t think this place has any parking!!

  • I went to a party there a few years ago. It has some truly beautiful details and the rooms are wonderfully sized. 1.5 would be a flat-out steal.

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