Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant Gets Fixed Up and Sweet New Sign

Here’s what Fasika, located at 4422 Georgia Ave, NW, looked like in July ’09:

This is the Ethiopian restaurant that originally opened under the name Abol.

Anyone visit Fasika lately? Mad props on the new sign:

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  • I had lunch here recently – the vegetarian combination was excellent!

  • I saw the note about this being formerly known as ‘Abol’ but I wonder if there’s any connection to the Fasika’s that used to be in Adams Morgan where Grand Central is now? Anyone know? That was the first place I ever had Ethiopian and it was quite good.

    • funny… i was wondering the same thing. Fasika on 18th sometime in the mid 1980s was the first Ethiopian I ever had as well…

      But a similar question – wondering if this Abol is related to the Abol in Silver Spring (across from the AFI), which is better than anything I’ve had in the district……. so if this is a related establishment, good news indeed.

      • Nice! I’ve heard such amazing things about Abol in Silver Spring but have never been … I’ll definitely go now.

      • I think they changed the name to Fasika’s to avoid confusion with the Abol in SS.

        So now they’re confused with the Fasika’s that used to be in Adams Morgan.

    • I was wondering that as well. I used to love that place! Something makes me doubt it.

    • Fasika’s in Adams Morgan was my favorite for many years and I still haven’t found a place I like better.

      I remember hearing the owners of Fasika’s moved to Sweden after the fire. And at least one of the chefs is, or was, at Etete.

      So outside of having great food, I don’t think there’s a connection between the two restaurants.

  • So, the bottom line is that Fasika has good food? Always seen it, but I guess the tarp-sign kept me away.

  • We stopped in for lunch a few weeks back. Our determination? Good, not great (we consider Etete great). If we want REALLY good Ethiopian, we might be willing to trek outside the neighborhood, but this is a great restaurant to have nearby. They also sell injera, if you want to try to make your own food at home.

  • I tried the Fasika on 18th Street once and didn’t like it at all. I much prefer Meskerem. So this Fasika is not owned by the same folks who owned the Fasika in AdMo?

  • When they first opened..I went there all the time instead of driving to U street. Food was ok, if you were too lazy to drive anywhere and you were jonesing for ethiopian, but that’s it. Stopped going eventually b/c it just wasn’t that good. Went back about 2 months ago and it is still the same owner (not related to Fasika’s in Adams Morgan). Place looks better, but food still just not that good. Go to Dukem or Etete if you want great Ethiopian, go here if you are lazy as hell and just want some food.

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