Dear PoP – Where to Watch NFL Games for those with Hearing Sensitivities?

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“Dear PoP,

I am trying to locate relatively quiet options (bars, restaurants) for watching NFL games on Sunday. My father likes to watch his team (the Steelers) but has hearing sensitivities that make watching in loud places a problem. Places in the Silver Spring-DC-Bethesda triangle preferred. Many thanks.”

We spoke about general spots of where you watch your football at the end of August. But does anyone have any suggestions of a calm place to watch for someone that has hearing sensitivities?

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  • The bar downstairs at Clydes in freindship heights. Haven’t been there in awhile but it was pretty low key. decent game day food and beer specials. 3 dollars a pint from what I recall. Lots of TVs. Its carpeted and the accoustics are such that you can watch the game and still hear yourself think.

  • In Silver Spring: Olazzo has a couple of TV’s in their front bar and since it’s a restaurant it’s quieter. Pacci’s down the street has TV hookup but I don’t know if they mounted them yet, you can call and ask.

  • The bar at the Capital Grille in Chevy Chase probably wouldn’t be too raucous, either. They have excellent bartenders there, too.

  • Your living room – get direct tv’s nfl tix.

  • He can’t get Direct TV per his condo’s rules.

    • (no satellite dishes)

      • And you’ll need a bar with Sunday Ticket this weekend for the Steelers (Ch 9 showing Browns-Ravens at 1). Clyde’s sounds like a good idea to me. Friendship Heights or I wonder if Tower Oaks has the DirecTV package.

  • The Heights in Columbia Heights usually has ESPN on, but I don’t know if they have NFL Sunday Ticket or equivalent.

    Could look into slingbox or any number of streaming sites, as well.

  • Some of the downtown hotels might be good options too, there’s a couple at Metro center (Marriott and Sheraton) that have bars and TVs that are generally relatively empty. Like all hotel bars though they are too pricey.

  • I would recommend just about any hotel with a sports bar – the one down on 11th and H is good – cant remember the name or the Washington Hilton has a bar too. Generally pretty good prices plus the NFL ticket

  • Saint Ex has NFL ticket

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