Dear PoP – Candle Light Vigil For Parrot (Dog Shot at Adams Morgan Day Festival)

“Dear PoP,

No signs, no political messages, no hate. Just people coming together to remember a dog who was loved by many.”

The Facebook invite says:

“This will take place outside. This is a vigil for those who were touched by Parrot in life and in death to mourn his loss.

We very much want this to be a time to focus on all the positive and happy moments of Parrots life. We are asking people not to bring signs with any political messages people are welcome to bring flowers, etc to place at the site.

Please do not bring dogs to this event.

8:00pm – 8:30pm
2311 18th St NW”

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  • Wow, really? I can see a celebration of life for a dog you’ve had for its full life, but a vigil?

  • yeah, this is stupid.

  • Maybe they’re all kids?

  • Are you kidding me? A vigil for a violent dog?

    Some people really need to evaluate their lives priorities. It appears some folks have enormous blocks of free time in their lives. I suggest either a hobby, perhals volunteering perhaps?

    Whether you agree with the reasoning or not, Americans are dying every single day overseas, yet there has been more consternation and indignation in this town over an obviously violent dog that no one knew (he had only been fostered for a month and no one knew his owners or life before that). “Loved by many”? Who exactly? Who loved this dog? The incompetant foster who brought the dog? The couple people at the adoption agency? Ok, thats 3 people.

    “Touched by Parrot”, give me a break. This dog didn’t rescue kids from a burning buildings, wasn’t a guide dog. It was simply a cast away dog that was too violet to be out in public among others.

    Jesus…now I have seen it all.

    • I completely agree with you, though perhaps not with the same level of vehemence.

      The dog was probably completely innocent, and likely reacted the way it did because of poor choices by its guardians (both past and present). That’s why some people balk at the situation — i.e., the dog was punished for something it really couldn’t be faulted for. That said, people need to realize that their supposed sadness for some dog they never met is probably just redirected anti-establishment anger.

      Disguising your outrage at police by wearing fabricated emotional bonds on your sleeve is REALLY unattractive. And frankly, it’s dishonest.

    • “Touched by Parrot” LOL….all those people who were touched by him on the month they owned him. This is where the onion meets reality

    • is it killing you that this will happen? are you being forced to go? let the kid do what he wants. it’s not hurting anyone. i’m sure you do a few things in your life that may be stupid and mundane to others but meaningful to you.

      • the difference is I don’t blast everyone with an invite (and create a FB page, and most likely tweet all over creation about it) when I want to celebrate Toenail Clipping Day at my place. I’ve ‘grown’ very fond of those toenails, as have a multitude of other caring, supportive people around me, but I don’t hold a flippin’ vigil!

        • well, that’s what the internet does…what may have been a simple thing for his “friends” goes viral and ends up here where everyone can judge and call him lame.

          but again, what difference does it make? don’t go. so what, who cares? everyone grieves in their own way. he’s probably more emotional over seeing something shot and killed in front of him than losing the dog. yes, you can get attached in a month, but i think i’d be more shaken by the fact that a living creature was shot and killed in front of me, regardless of the reasons.

          a few years ago, i encountered a dog that had been hit by a car on 16th street and was in the shade of a nearby church, blood pouring from her mouth and my dog and i sat with that dog as she slowly died waiting for animal control (who showed up two hours after the dog had passed) and i bawled my damn eyes out. i didn’t know that dog, i’d never seen that dog, but i’d never seen something/somebody die right in front of me. that image i have of that dog, as she lifted her head and looked at me, with all the blood and mangled body…i will never forget that.

          i’m sure this kid will never forget witnessing what happened. doesn’t matter if it was the right or wrong thing to do. if this helps him, then live and let live. it might not be the way you’d do it, but it’s not hurting anyone.

          • All good points – and I agree (sorry you had to witness that. I had the same thing happen to me when my neighbor’s cat slowly died in front of my after being mauled by a dog).

            But if I’m not mistaken, he is the original poster? If so, then this isn’t something that has just accidentally gone viral, out of his control and beyond his original intent. He’s proactively and very publicly asking for attention to be paid. That makes him fair game for whatever response the public has, whether good or bad.

            If I’m wrong about him being the OP, then I’d gladly dial back from that a bit.

  • Is this a joke? A vigil for a dog?

  • You guys ever had a dog? It’s sad, it’s very sad to lose a dog. The two of you can get very close. It’s much sadder when someone grabs your dog, throws it down a staircase and shoots it.

    • It is incredibly sad to lose your dog. It is also incredibly dumb and PETA-esque to throw a vigil for it. Even assuming that the dog was totally unfairly killed and the police were way out of line, a vigil is just silly.

    • I have two dogs. They are both terriers (though not pit bulls), which are typically the most aggressive and unpredictable breed.

      I love them dearly, but you know what I don’t do? Put them in situations where they might get scared and bite another dog or a person. Because I know that if they did, they’d probably get taken away from me and euthanized.

      The dog handler was irresponsible. He had only had this dog in his possession for a month, and he freely admitted that the dog had a tendency to get overexcited. I feel bad for this dog, but the situation could have been avoided, first and foremost, and secondly, hundreds if not thousands of dogs are euthanized every year in this city because they can’t be adopted.

      I think a vigil is a bit over the top. How about putting that effort towards teaching people about responsible dog ownership?

    • Honestly? Vigils occur when a community needs to heal from something, not when the reckless fool who caused a sad situation wants to legitimize his feelings.

      • The vigil is for the dog, not the asshole cop (who I assume you mean by “reckless fool”).

        • Either you’re trying to be funny (didn’t work, by the way) or your reading comprehension skills need to be sharpened. The “fool” in question is the fool who thought it would be a good idea to bring a poorly-socialized pit bull to a crowded street festival. Since the initial outpouring of righteous indignation several accounts of the dog acting aggressively have come to light. This guy didn’t know the dog well enough — one month, right? — to decide that it was OK. At the first aggressive move, he should have done the responsible thing and taken the dog home. I’m not justifying the shooting, mostly for public safety reasons, but make no mistake about the fact that the incident as a whole is the handlers’ fault.

    • I had to put my dog down two weeks ago, I love dogs and I still think this is silly.

      • me

        Your dog probably touched many more lives in a positive manner. But you were rational and didn’t hold a vigil.

        That being said, I am so sorry for your loss. I had 2 dogs put down within the past few years and still get emotional sometimes. My thoughts are with you!

        • Thanks. My brother and sister in law also had to put their dog down, about a month before I put mine down. After we got back from the vet, they and my mother came over, ordered carryout food and brought booze. We drank, ate and talked for hours. It was like a wake for our dogs and it was a really nice time. No candles involved, no announcements on Facebook, just family getting together.

  • Somewhere Julia Bachleitner is scratching her head.

  • Probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen in some time.

  • “Please do not bring dogs to this event”…because they might not be properly socialized and could cause trouble. That about says it all.

    • Hindsight is 20:20.

      • Hindsight is 20:20, and foresight is even cheaper. Foresight, as in: I OWN A NEW AND OVER-EXCITABLE (by owner’s admission) DOG. WHY DON’T I TAKE HIM INTO A HUGE CROWD WITH OTHER DOGS AND CHILDREN. GREAT IDEA!

  • I think we should have a candle-light vigil for common sense. It seems to have been lost

    • Mr. Common Sense.

      Sense had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons such as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm and that life isn’t always fair. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not kids, are in charge).

      His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

      Mr. Sense declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student; but, could not inform the parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

      Finally, Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

      Common Sense finally gave up the ghost after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot, she spilled a bit in her lap, and was awarded a huge financial settlement.

      Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust, his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason.

      He is survived by two stepbrothers; My Rights and Ima Whiner.

      Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

  • Frankly, I think this is great closure for the owner who lost Parrot. A pet is a friend, and this was a very unfortunate way to lose a friend. For those of you who have pets, I think you would agree.

    • No, actually I wouldnt. When a pet of mine dies, I do what I need to for closure and remembrance, but dragging the whole issue out into the community and holding a vigil isnt one of the things that is even remotely appropriate.

      Maybe this character should host a vigil on gun violence? Or the ridiculously predatory price gouging at the Brass Knob?

      • Or maybe host a vigil to bring awareness to the obvious fact that animal shelters are not properly screening foster ‘parents.’

    • Nikki, the “owner” had had the dog for a month. If he wants closure he can find it any person way he wants.

      Trying to bring a city or community into this is just plain tacky.

    • A pet is a friend and companion, yes. It is natural to mourn them… but a public vigil? People are free to do what they want and if a vigil gives closure, fine, but a quick look around this city, country and world should bring in to perspective how out of touch this event can appear.

      • It is public because he was cared for by many, many people while he was in foster care. He attended adoption events weekly where 50-60 volunteers were there, needed rides places, had 2-3 fosters, etc. He touched an entire community.

  • If you think this is dumb, don’t go. Geez.

    • Agreed…

      There are many events in the this city that seem outrageous, ridiculous, dumb, and even lacking in common sense to many, i.e. The Tea Baggers Event w/ Fat Boy and The Succubuss Palin – the dynamic idiot duo.

      Don’t attend. Let them meet in peace.

      • The people who are griping here are doing exactly what you’ve just done with the Tea Baggers: make fun of and ridicule something they see as frivolous and stupid (if I may put words in everybody’s mouth here!).

        So, what’s the difference? You ridicule the Tea Baggers, we make fun of this dog vigil. You didn’t go to the Beck rally (I assume) and I’m guessing nobody who’s raggin’ on this vigil will go mourn this dog.

        Doesn’t mean we can’t comment on the stupidness of it all.

  • These animal extremists are bit over the top… it was bad enough when they came to this blog and others to try to control peoples’ perceptions of the event but now they’re having a vigil? Move over Al Sharpton, we’ve got a bunch of grand standers that make you look like soft spoken librarian. At least when Sharpton grand stands, while it may be misdirected, its because there are a lot of injustices in this world.

    Pit Bull racism is not one of them. People need to get a grip.

    • I don’t think this is about animal extremism a la PETA – this is about hazily-focused anger at “the man.” I’m a vegetarian PETA supporter and I think this is completely absurd.

  • corniest shit I’ve ever heard!
    you yuppies are something else I tell ya…

  • Wow, quite a backlash to this. Let the owner and people who knew the dog grieve. It’s a bit much to do it in public, I agree, but I’m guessing it wont be big enough for them to require any public space permits and it wont disrupt much other than some pedestrian traffic. So who, really, does this harm?

    Personally, all I want to see come out of this whole experience is some type of review of the police officer’s behavior, with interviews of as many witnesses as possible to get the full picture of what happened. And if the officer acted out of line, he should be punished for it. Not because it was a dog, but becasue it’s quite irresponsible to fire your glock in a crowded area.

    And +1 to whomever mentioned that the vigil should be for the victims of the reckless driving just down the street.

    • Does anyone know if an investigation into the cop’s actions has been initiated? The fact that the cop shot his gun in a crowd was most upsetting to me.

    • I agree that it’s a bit over the top, but it should draw attention to the fact that so many people saw the shooting as an unnecessary tragedy. Not everyone lives in the blogosphere, where most of the criticism has taken place so far, so this public demonstration (assuming it has a decent turnout) should have some effectiveness in prompting an investigation.

    • Also, +1 for referring to the incident as “reckless driving” instead of “drunk driving”.

      • I Wikipedia-ed “reckless driving”, and it’s still unclear to me as to why “reckless” is more appropriate than “drunk” here. To me, it diminishes the egregiousness of the act of driving drunk by calling it by a lessor term.

        • To me, it diminishes the egregiousness of the act of driving recklessly by blaming it on the drinking. It gives the impression that killing someone while driving recklessly but sober is not as bad.

          • Clearly, drinking was to blame. It wasn’t like she had a cupcake laced with recklessness and then started the ignition.


            If that girl blew 0.18, she had close to a 30% chance of getting into an accident the moment she got behind the wheel.

            A far greater number of deaths are caused by drunk driving every year than by sober reckless driving. Which is a worse societal ill? “Reckless” is the wrong way to brand what happened.

          • There have been numerous studies done on this and the results are all over the map… regardless, you’re more likely to get into an accident with a high BAC mainly because your reaction time is slower.

            I think it depends more on temperament and driving style than anything else. Some people tend to drive wildly, and the alcohol may augment that part of their personality. If 30% of drunk drivers were likely to race onto a sidewalk and hit a pedestrian, then this would happen in Adams Morgan every Saturday night.

            Bottom line, if she were not driving recklessly she probably would not have driven onto a sidewalk and hit someone.

        • My point was that when describing an accident it’s more accurate to cite the cause than the circumstances. Most pedestrian accidents are caused by reckless male drivers, but you wouldn’t say they are “male driver accidents” would you? Not to downplay the effects of alcohol on driving abilities, of course.

          • Can you see why grouping “reckless male drivers” together with a “drunk female drivers” is apples and oranges? Two distinct and unrelated groups, and yet you want to apply the same term (“reckless”) to both. Why use the less accurate, de-stigmatized term, I ask?

            Drunkenness was the cause, not a semi-peripheral circumstance.

            @legally — Bottom line: if she had the motor coordination to stand up, she might have been able to drive that car home. Even a “conscientious driver” who’s fall-down drunk is a danger to our community. I’ve witnessed two hit and runs on 18th over the years. That’s why this angers me so much.

  • I can see this as a good way for area pit bull enthusiasts to gather together.

    In a city where “activism” (I use the term loosely) is so prevalent, and considering the amount of press this story has gotten on DC blogs, it makes sense to have this event open to the public.

    While I certainly wouldn’t go as far as holding a public vigil, the story seemed to rile up a lot of people and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a decent turnout.

    On the other hand, if the owner really has only owned the dog for just a month (I haven’t read too much into it), then disregard everything I’ve typed and continue with the mocking.

  • I wonder if they had birthday parties for him too

  • dog vigil? pretty dumb idea, honestly. saying the dog deserved to be shot? wait for the full facts of the case to come out…there’s too much conflicting information as of now. Railing on the kid and making bold uneducated guesses about his past and present tendencies? further reinforcement of the fact that roughly half of the people posting on here are just plain idiots. Always count on PoP commenters to give me a head-shaking laugh, or make my blood boil.

  • Stuff. White. People. Like

  • Just another creative way for yuppies and hipsters to “meet new people” then go for happy hour.

  • I imagine a “vigil” is being held because the owner and friends believe that the police perpetrated an unforgivable crime against the dog (and owner) and the shooting was without cause. One would imagine if a community member got shot by police without cause, a vigil would be held as a pubic symbol to the city and the police dept that something wrong/a tragedy had occurred.

    In any event, who gives a poop if they have a vigil or not. If they serve beer and pizza, I’ll even show up.

  • Maul in peace Parrot.

  • If a pitbull bit my dog and wouldn’t let go I’d shoot it myself.

  • The girl that got hit by a drunk driver didn’t even get a vigil…

    • The reason she didn’t get a vigil is because no one has organized one yet. Don’t complain if you are willing to do it yourself.

  • “Please do not bring dogs to this event.”

    That says it all.

  • Wow, the commentors on this blog are being bigger jerks then normal today. Leave the guy alone and let him do what ever he wants. PoP didn’t have to post this if he didn’t want to and you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. Lets all calm down a little bit.

    • I agree that we should leave the guy alone. But people are correct in calling out the BS of this vigil. Shaming is something we have forgotten to do as a society, and this vigil deserves a healthy dose of it. If we continue to look the other way everytime some sanctimonious and entitled person holds up the banner of victimhood and rallies people around such frivolous causes, this country won’t be recognizable in a few years. This type of stuff makes us weak, and someday soon, we’ll be standing defenseless, in horror, as rugged men on horseback who haven’t slept in a proper bed for a month come lopping off heads in DC. We won’t be able to defend ourselves, but jeez, we’re gonna make sure our pets were treated well.

      I have a dog, but I’ve also got my priorities straight.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I am stunned by the ignorance and bigotry on this blog. This is not so much about this individual dog, but a so-called “breed” of dog who are discriminated against solely on the basis of appearance. The unwarranted and violent death of this dog has gone viral through out the rescue community. I expect there to be a huge turn-out.

    • Bigotry? Are you referring to this alleged “prejudice” against Pit Bulls? If I make fun of pugs for having smushed up faces and breathing loudly am I now being “racially insensitive”? Give me a break.

      • When I think “racially insensitive toward dogs”, I’m thinking of when those evil people insist on using the derogatory term “Kraut Shepherds”.

        Maybe Dianne is pointing out that all of the hate for this deceased dog is a result of his immigrant roots, you know because he was part Shar Pei… discrimination against asians is alive and well. Or maybe the discrimination is due to the fact he’s not a pure bred dog. This type of discrimination is explored exhaustively in Harry Potter.

    • “Discriminated against solely on the basis of appearance” ??? GTF out. Of all breeds, pit bulls are the chompiest. 44% of all dog bites are from pit bulls! Yes! Remember the little girl who got her face chomped off by a pit bull? Here’s a reminder (with the stats)

  • For commenters on a website where cute dog/cat pictures gets months of comments, I am suprised to see so much hate.

    Parrot was cared for by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and hundreds, if not thousands, of people helped care for him while he was in their care. Same as the other dogs in their care. (It takes a village) He went to adoption events, got rides from foster homes, met with their trainers, etc. He wasn’t someone dog’s with a limited circle of reach. He touched many people and they want to get together to celebrate his life and to circle around the acitivites they, and other dog lover and rescuers do on a day to day basis. If you don’t want to participate, please don’t.

    It wasn’t organized by his foster, Aaron, or Lucky Dog. It was organized by a few people who helped care for him and wanted to give others the opportunity to share their grief.

    While you may not care to mourn him, donations and letters of support have literally been pouring in from across the world. Australia, UK, Illinois, California, etc. Many people have had to volunteer around the clock to be responsive to the media requests, police requests, and general emails. These people need a chance to breathe.

    Just because you don’t care or don’t agree doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Just because you troll behind blogs all day long and don’t actually care about anything to take away from your 8 oclock TV hour, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

    And to those who said maybe these people need a hobby and should volunteer – you crack me up – the people attendning do volunteers hours of their life to care for the dogs you dumped into a shelter after you did a shitty job of socializing him and then dumped when you had to move in with you girlfriend and she was allergic.

    It is a vigil because it is bringing attention to a completely unjust crime that is being attempted to be swept under the rug. Whether or not you believe the shooting should have occured, what is the harm in a public and transparent investigation? If he was rightful, then it will show that.

    If you aren’t a dog person, care because it is an issue of public safety. And, if you aren’t a dog person, you should start to wonder if you have compassion in your heat.

    • Here’s the thing, the organizers of the event could have avoided all this grief by choosing not to drape themselves in a pathos that rang false. I read the Facebook post, and was liking about 80% of it, excluding the portion where they go off about how a single dog had impacted many lives.

      Drop the pose of victimhood, and be real. This event is not about Parrot. It’s a de facto political event, bringing attention to police violence and animal cruelty. Once you’re able to admit that, people will back down.

    • Parrot was in the direct care of “thousands” of people?

      C’mon, drop the act. Fine, you may have thousands of people that donate money to the rescue but to imply that hundreds or thousands of people ever came close enough to being in the same room with that dog is a crock and you know it.

      I am a dog person, have two that I love. But that doesn’t mean I can’t also call this a ridiculous and tacky charade

      I hate to break it to you and the organizers, and I don’t mean this is the way its going to come out, but you need to get over yourselves. None of you, nor the admittedly violent dog are that important.

      As others have mention, this blog is filled with animal lovers. People post here and gush warm and fuzzies every single day over the their pets, and the photos of others posted, and it should tell you a lot about how inane, tacky and childishly self obsessed the organizers are being, that those same people are the ones here ridiculing you. It isn’t posting error that 95% of the posts here think this is ridiculous.

      It’s like you’ve so much perspective that you aren’t even living on the same planet.

      Lastly, I hope Lucky Dog Rescue (assuming you are invovled with the rescue) takes some responsibility for all of this. You chose the foster, a guy who by his tv interviews, is barely able to dress himself and speak in complete sentences, and by his actions, not qualified to be a foster. This is his fault more than anyone elses and it is because of him (and by extension) the rescue that a dog died.

    • I had previously considered adopting a dog from your organization, but after reading this spiteful diatribe, I am unlikely to support you in any way. I think that the coordinated effort of your volunteers and associates to control the public’s perception of this event was annoying, but now you’re just blowing it out of the water. You make it sound like your entire group is filled with animal extremists and action in any group that would inspire you to post such spiteful drivel is not one that I would want to support in anyway.

      I’ve gone through the adoption process multiple times over several years, this most recent time my parents tried to adopt a dog – but because of asinine rules put in place by adoption organizations and officiously enforced by “volunteers” the whole process became burdensome. After always going to shelters, or adopting an unwanted pet, 100% of the time they went to a breeder.

      Currently, i’m thinking about getting a dog – and I can see all of their frustration was well placed. I’m skipping you and advising anyone who ever asks me to skip you too.

      Remember, there was a girl KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER, literally down the street. However, the persistent over valuation of an animal’s life has led you to believe that a candle light vigil, events society typically reserves for 9/11, cancer, and school shootings, is appropriate to remember the life of a dog. You are hijacking a “vigil” to harness anti-police sentiment over a DOG. Not to mention, the events of this shooting are disputed and do not deserve you meddling in them.

  • I just want to state something that i hope the negativity will not allow you to here.
    The owner was not the individual walking the dog, it was a nice person, fostering a dog. He opened his home to a living being. He is no part of this, nor did he plan it.
    Safety of the community was a risk here. The ONLY dog that bit someone was the poodle. Whether this is dogs or not, do you want police officers coming in without assessing the situation and killing someone or a dog and it be OK?
    As far as the vigil, please understand that people will have a cause, you don’t have to agree, but you can appreciate it. Its better than badmouthing and doing nothing or believing in nothing.
    there are thousands of people in your neighborhood and city that feel a little “robbed” on many levels.
    To save one dog, its takes many many people, often a large team of people to care and work very hard to save it from unnecessary euthanasia.
    The vigil, for them, is closure.
    It is also to bring like to the fact that a “poodle” can bite and not a word is said, but a pit will die just because of his breed.
    It really is not at all silly. It just isn’t what you believe in.

    • I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened – as a disclaimer. From what I have read, this dog was not shot because it bit the other dog, it was shot because, after being tossed in a stairwell in an attempt to contain it (whether you agree with whether or not this was necessary is besides the point) was charging back up the stairs at the police officer. That seems to be the general story – details may differ and they may be crucial details. Its very possible that the officer was unjustified in shooting the dog. However, I don’t think it was simply because it was a pit bull. Maybe the fact that it was a pit bull made the officer more apprehensive of the injuries the dog would inflict on him if he didn’t shoot it as it was running up the stairs towards him, but I really doubt that it was “pit bull racism” alone.

      Also the very fact that people are equating people’s general fear and apprehension towards pit bulls as “racist” is insensitive to people who have encountered ACTUAL racism. It is also wrong. People who are are apprehensive about dealing with pit bulls because of their aggressive tendencies are not “racist”, they area intelligent.

      • When you refer to the term “pit bull racism” do you mean the general public? Otherwise, I don’t think anybody here used the word “racism” but you.

  • I think likewise that Lucky Dog Animal Rescue should be under investigation. What kind of professional social tests did this dog pass before it was determined that he was okay to go public?

  • R.I.P. Parrot. I am sorry this unfortunate thing happened to you but I AM glad you can’t read cuz you would be rollin over in your grave from this crap.

  • No dogs allowed? That’s retarded.

    • I know that my dog, for one, is extremely disturbed by this anti-dog discrimination. He recently pointed out to me that its this kind of discrimination, a lifetime of it that Parrot endured, that led to this violence in the first place. For the organizers to needlessly ostracize an enormous segment of the population by uninviting dogs is unbelievable.

      My dog will be holding a vigil across the street to raise awareness of anti-dog prejudice. Dogs invited. Bull terrier breeds strongly discouraged from attending.

  • The invitation as worded is silly. The concept of a vigil showing a community rallying against a trigger-happy cop is serious. The vigil is to prevent MPD from taking an undesirable person, throwing him down a stairwell, and firing a shot.

  • Racism? WHATTT? So are pit bulls black american, bull dogs white irish… chiwhawhas mexican siamese cats chinese I mean I know Dismey films do this but really , they are not a race. Breedism seems better of a term..

  • Americans are so f-ed up. They care more about a violent pit bull bred to kill and fight than they do their fellow human beings. Sad bunch of bastards. BTW, pit bulls should be bred out of existence. Problem solved!

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