Dear PoP – Anyone Know What’s Happening at the Oasis Liquor store in NE?

“Dear PoP,

I was walking towards the NY Ave-Gallaudet metro when I noticed that the Oasis Liquor store on 3rd and M St NE is getting a whole new facelift inside and out. The exterior has been repainted and there were construction workers inside fixing up the place. The Oasis Liquor sign is still up in front of the store so I’m wondering if they’re actually renovating the place for a re-opening or will it be something else entirely?”

Any readers that live nearby know what the story is? I’m always happy to hear about places getting fixed up even if it’s just a facelift.

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  • The local ANC fought and lost the zoning board to revoke Oasis’ liqueur license. The owners, who live outside of the district, are now re-opening it to sell 40s to neighborhood riffraff. The progress made in the neighborhood will soon be set back by bums hanging outside oasis drunk at all hours of the day, and teenagers slinging drugs. I expect a police camera to be mounted near it within 6 months. My hope is that the Harris Teeter down the road makes Oasis unprofitable and it closes. I suspect the target demographic is too different though for that to happen.

    The zoning board really screwed the neighborhood over by allowing this crap-shack to reopen.

  • wow @2:59


    It still looks like crap, now its just crap painted red with even more crap painted copper. If they were serious about improving it they might remove the hideous burglar bars.

    Like RL @ 5:39 said, the zoning board really did screw the locals by allowing Oasis to reopen. I feel bad for the neighbors to the south of it.

  • Not zoning… It was ABRA that took the owners word for it that they’ve been continuously operating, despite lack of sales receipts, water usage, and business license. Our ANC Anne Phelps worked hard on this one, but it was ABRA that screwed us over.

  • It’s quite twisted that Big Bear can’t get a liquor license but this sh*t occurs all the time with these corner stores.

    Not that I’m a huge big bear supporter – I have very mixed feelings – but the comparison is pretty crazy.

  • I blame Tommy Wells. He has no interest in ward 6 above H street.

  • There’s another corner store at 4th and L.

    I say bring on the competition.

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