August Home/Condo Sales in PoPville

Thanks again to DC realtor Kevin Wood for compiling this list of home/condo sales for zip codes – 20011, 20010, 20009, 20008, 20005, 20003, 20002, and 20001. Click below on “Aug 2010 Sales” for the full list in pdf format.  If I’m missing a zipcode you’d like just let me know.


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  • This is just out of curiosity- but if anyone out there is looking to buy in Petworth right now – is the inventory tight below Grant Circle to the Metro or are there just not buyers out there right now? It seems almost all of the sales in 20011 are either above Grant or further West.

    • I own in Petworth south of Grant Circle and would love to sell, but won’t because of the market. I suspect that’s the story with a lot of homeowners in this area. Most of the for sale inventory in Petworth is distressed properties, estate sales, or flip jobs. You see very few houses in good condition that were renovated by homeowners – those people are waiting for the market to come back.

  • I’ve been waiting for this one! The house next door to me is on the list. My house has a better layout, larger kitchen, fully finished potentially rentable basement, and many original details. Next door is a full gut-and-flip job, cheaply done, with bathrooms crammed in strange places, semi-finished basement (no living space). I wonder what the price difference would be between the two houses? Think 10% is dreaming?

    • I would be curious to hear the answer on that one too. My house is nice but not gutted. It has most of the original details but a new kitchen, bathrooms, updated electrical, plumbing but doesn’t have central air or a 2nd bathroom upstairs. I feel like it is sort of an anomaly in Petworth. As most houses either need lots work or are completely renovated (i.e, gutted and redone). I would venture to guess mine to be somewhere under 400 but over 350…. but I really have no clue.

      I would guess that if the other house has central air and 2 bathrooms upstairs (and your house doesn’t) you would have a hard time getting 10% more even if you favor your house. Although I am not sure if you mean 10% more or less for your house. Either way if the other house has those 2 things they seem to go for a lot more than houses without.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t clear. My house is updated where it counts (new kitchen and baths, central air, new windows). But I have the original 100-year-old parquet and moldings. Heck, I still have the gas light outlets on the walls, though they’re not connected to anything. I hang my bathrobe on them.
        The two houses in question have an equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms. I have one bedroom in the (potentially rentable) basement, and two upstairs, having converted the tiny 3rd upstairs bedroom to a walk-in closet. The other house has three small bedrooms upstairs, none in the basement.
        Not that I’m biased or anything, but I think mine might be worth more! 🙂

        • I would like your house better if that counts for anything! If they have the same features then I would say your might go for more but not sure about 10%…..

          Can you convert the closet back into a bedroom easily? I understand it is small but having 3 bedrooms upstairs vs. 2 might be a deal breaker for some people.

      • We have good friends looking for this exact Petworth area (we live there, too) and the market sucks. Either run down overpriced crap, or flip-it low-quality stuff. They would love to get something with the original details, but still in livable condition (but some renovation work would be ok or even welcomed). I think there must be other such buyers out there. When they were looking in the Winter they lost out on 3 different homes (now have different realtor!).

        What are you waiting for to put your house on the market? I think, from your description, your house would do well, specially since there are very few homes of that description out there in our area! In the meantime, my friends will have to wait until people get more comfortable with the market.

        • We just closed on 4132 New Hampshire, which is south of Grant Cir and in need of minor repairs but totally in livable condition and with original details. Long story short: we were under contract for 5 months. Infuriating, sure, but there was nothing else coming up in the neighborhood, so we stuck with it, and now we’re so glad to be here. Not sure what this means for any other househunters, but we just wanted to share our story.

          • Congrats! We had to wait several months and some headaches to get our house closed, too. 4132 was about the only house South of Grant on that list.

            @PWneighbor – when we were looking it was really just a fluke that we found this house. I think the type of house you describe are few and far between in Petworth. Well, at least at the price range we were looking at.

            I think the people who bought in 05 or 06 who are waiting for the market to come back… will be waiting a very long time.

  • 2 Bedroom Condo at 14th and V for $199,000, really??? Methinks that person got a steal!

    • It was probably one of the affordable units where the owners are prohibited from reaping the full benefits of value appreciation. Otherwise, there’s no way anyone in his/her right mind would sell a condon in that location for that price.

  • Thank you realtor Kevin Wood.

  • I used Kevin Wood to sell our house. Nice guy, super honest and kept the ball rolling until closing. Not pushy at all. I have probably bought and sold around 15 properties in my lifetime and honestly this has been my very best Realtor. I will use him again next time around.

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