Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street, NW

This apartment is located at 911 U St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Fabulous Studio Apartment(s) top Floor of Large Brownstowne between 9th and Vermont Avenue. Just 1/2 Block from USt/Cardoza Metro (Green and Yellow Lines). Close to shopping, fine dining, entertainment and fitness. There are 2 Suites available. These units include beautiful nuetral carpeting, fine wood cabinetry, one unit has exposed brick walls. Large full baths, CAC, Washer/Dryers, Cook-Top Ranges. High ceilings and large windows offer up a sunny bright apartment. 2 Units, $1400 each per Month. Owner looking for long term lease(s), but will settle for one year lease.
Sorry – No Pets”

Does “$1400/MO + Electric and share of Annual Taxes” sound reasonable? Is it common to share annual taxes? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

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  • No dishwasher. Cooktop range – is there an oven? Small fridge, small microwave. Share of taxes? Are you joking? No effin way.

  • LOL about the taxes. WHy not just add that sum to the rent? It’s like advertising “Great 4BR Dupont Rowhouse – only $400 a month*”

    * plus 99% of current mortgage.


  • Not so sure I’d ever want to live that close to the Velvet Lounge. Way too loud.

  • sketchy move on the taxes. the exposed brick is fantastic, but the lack of kitchen appliances DL mentioned sucks. no mention of parking either. $1,400 for a studio may be a bit high as well…maybe just say $1,300/mo plus electric and be done with it.

  • Fellow Washingtonians: spell along with me…


    • What area defines Cardozo? I’ve never really understood? Is it basically a subset of Shaw or is it its own neighborhood?

      • There is no official neighborhood named Cardozo. The term is taken from the high school at 13th & Clifton NW, on the edge of Columbia Heights. Generally when people refer to their neighborhood as “Cardozo” they are talking about the areas near the U Street/Cardozo Metro station (mostly in Shaw), but areas around Cardozo HS in Columbia Heights also get called Cardozo sometimes.

  • Pretty much a back-door way to raise the rent every time the appraisal goes up without having to change the lease. Sha-to the-dy.

    Also, mad expensive, since you’re adding the electric and taxes. $1400 for a studio is already barely worth it.

  • Awesome location. If it weren’t for the ambiguous tax add on, it might not be sooo bad – you are literally steps from the metro. I know I wouldn’t want to not have a dishwasher, but I know friends with studios not too far from here that pay about the same and don’t have washer/dryer and are much further from metro (although closer to Logan Circle area).

    • I don’t understand why the dishwasher is such a priority for studio dwellers. If a unit is being occupied by a single person (as presumably a studio would), the tenant should not be producing that many dirty dishes. By the time the dishwasher fills up, some of the dishes have been sitting there for a few days, which is kinda gross. I do a ton of cooking but had no trouble washing the dishes when I lived alone and without a dishwasher.

  • I have an English basement with high ceilings (8′.5″ +) a big bedroom (12 by 13)with wall of closet (13 by 2), a den or a second bedroom (8 by 9), all new stainless appliances in kitchen (never used), dishwasher, oven/cook top, fresh paint, recessed/track lighting, wood burning brick fireplace, tiled floors, front and back doors, with shared back/front yard, 4 blocks north of U street metro on 13. How much should I ask?

    • Do you want one person or two? $1400 + 1/2 utilities for one. $2300 + 1/2 utilities for two.

    • I just signed a lease for a one bedroom EngBasement in AdMo for $1550. I’d say it’s between 800-900 sq. feet. The kitchen (dishwasher included)is very 1983 but there’s oodles of closet space and a stackable washer/dryer combo. Also freshly painted with utilities included (cable, too!). Thought this might help with your estimates. Good luck with your rental!

  • Way too expensive for a studio under any circumstance. Hey, owner…offer a fixed rent price and take responsibility for the taxes on your own. The burden of ownership is YOURS. This also makes me wonder if the owner has an ARM that will pass the fixed term soon and is looking for a way to pass off any increased differential to the renter. How does the renter know if an increase is part of the tax assessment or something else?

  • It is a completely separate unit with a CofO and I don’t care if one or two people move in as long as the apartment gets its fair rental value. There is certianly enought space for two. It will also be a great space for a single person who wishes to have a separate office. The unit is about 800 sq ft. I live elsewhere.

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