Dear PoP – AC Repair and Scooter Stolen

Photo by PoPville flickr user christopher.poole

“Dear PoP,

I am looking for a reliable not-too-expensive repair company – if such a thing exists – to come look at my central air system. I suspect my fan motor died, amongst other things. Thanks!”

You could try PoP advertiser, MIchael Bonsby. Anyone else have any ac repair recommendations?

“Dear PoP,

Last night, when I scooted up to my Petworth co-op, two fire trucks were already parked out front of my building. Two more were parking and pulling their hoses across the sidewalk that I usually ride on to get to the courtyard where I lock up my scooter. Adrenaline set in as I thought my new home may be on fire, so instead of locking my scooter up, as I always do, I locked the steering column, hopped off and ran up to my building to see what was going on. Fortunately for me, the firefighters were running into the building next door so the fear of losing all of my personal belongings faded and I went inside to make an omelet and firefighters took care of business. I went out to move my scooter into the courtyard and lock it up an hour and 15 minutes later but it was gone from 3rd and Farragut St NW. The scooter is a black and tan 2009 Redstreak Motors Metro Retro 50cc. The right mirror, left taillight cover, the headlight cover, part of the fender, and part of the floor board are missing. It is not hard to identify at all. I rode it to work every day that it was above 45*F and I somehow doubt that whomever stole it will love it like I did.”

So sorry to hear this. If anyone happens to spot it please call the police.

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