Update on Monday Morning’s Truck Crash on Conn. Ave

Thanks to a reader for sending in a sad update from Monday’s truck crash into a tree on Connecticut Ave just north of R St, NW:

“So here’s the aftermath of the tree accident on Conn Ave Monday – what was a pretty large tree has been completely removed. RIP sidewalk shade.”

It’s actually a good point. I wonder how hot next summer is gonna feel with all the trees we lost. I wonder how many trees get lost in a normal season and how many we lost this season?

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  • As hard as it is to understand sometimes, mother nature intended for older trees to be felled from things like fire and wind, to keep nature in balance. the loss of older trees gives room for new growth. And it is natural for the earth to lose more trees some years than others.

    • Fire and wind, ok, but trucks?

    • mother nature also intended for trees to have more than 15 square feet of space for trees to put down roots, so i think that street trees in general kind of fall outside of any kind of “natural” understanding of things…

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