Update on New Pop Up on 11th St, NW just south of Florida Ave

Last time we spoke about this building a reader who lives nearby said it was not fair to judge without showing the block as a whole. I went back to check on the progress and this time I took lots of different angles. Given the new shots – now what do you think at this still early stage – think it’ll fit on the block?

It may be too early to tell but hopefully these new photos put it in proper perspective.

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • recoils in horror

  • “Lost” more photos after the jump?

    But I do wish we had more steal and concrete buildings.
    I’m actually a Lacey fan, but the interior layouts could have been better.

  • That is going to be the skinniest row house ever! Once you account for the stairs, you are talking about what? 8 feet in width? A preemptive “Not a Good Deal.”

  • It’s definitely very tall and very narrow, but at least they’re now adding some windows on the side wall! I’m holding off my judgment until the brick walls go up (should be any day now) but I suspect I won’t want to trade in my Lacey studio for a unit in this structure!

    Thanks, PoP for re-featuring this. I believe I was the reader who asked for pictures of the block last time around 🙂

  • Reminds me row houses in Vietnam. Aparently to save land tax they build the slimmest, but very tall homes.

  • This is most definitely not a popup. They started construction from a hole in the ground. Unless someone went and changed the definition on me??

  • Jeez… Why don’t builders understand how to install vapor/weather barriers (ie Tyvek or similar)?? This building will leak air and water like a sieve!

  • Don’t bother moving the king bed or the baby grand. How do they get permits for shit like this?

  • I’m trying to keep an open mind and who knows what the finish materials will be, but I’m still thinking it looks RIDICULOUS and will only get ridiculousER!

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