Reader Reports: Ledroit Park Market Robbed

Ledroit Park Market is located at 1901 4th St NW (just north of T St.) Back in July ’07 they caught a robbery on video. For those of us who loathe bullet proof glass at corner markets, sadly, it becomes a bit more understandable after multiple robberies. Of course I hope they are able to remain without bullet proof glass.

A reader writes:

“Ledroit Park Market was robbed again I think. Cops are currently at the store.”

More info when it becomes available.

Update: A reader sends in the photo above and another reader sends a police report from 4:42pm:

“Robbery in the 1900blk of 4th St. NW B/M 5’ 6” to 5’ 7”, beard, wearing a green shirt, white sunglasses, dark colored hat, blue jeans with black shoes.”

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  • DCRSAN alert from a little over an hour ago:

    Robbery in the 1900blk of 4th St. NW. Lookout for a B/M, 5’06” to 5’07”, beard, wearing a green shirt, white sunglass[es], dark colored hat, blue jeans with black shoes.

  • Little establishments getting hit: Duo dry cleaners on 14th, Pfeiffer’s, LeDroit Park Market… Is this a trend or does it just seem that way?

  • Easiest answer to this is if these stores accept plastic, and encouraged it. Less cash on hand means less to lose. Granted, there’s the fees, but better lose 3% than everything.

  • The terrorized the hell out of that guy in the first (well first televised) robbery. No way I would work in one of these stores unless I was able to extract insane profit to compensate me for the risk.

  • I am very sad to see this happening. I spoke with Sasha (owner of Duo) last week. He was robbed in the middle of the day across from the busy bus depot. I see so many cops in my neighborhood – 16th Street Heights – they cruise the allys, ride their bikes up and down the streets, walk the blocks, but the thugs don’t care.

  • Just out of curiosity…how many robberies are commited by other then B/M in DC per annum?

  • Posted to the LeDroit Park Listserv:
    “A single gunman got the contents of the cash register. No one was hurt, and the store is open for business. Police responded quickly and have pictures of the suspect. A green or black van may also be involved.”

    I wish they would circulate the images in the neighborhood. Or maybe the suspects are captured? (DC police humor)

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