Plywood Replacement

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this home on 13th St, NW before but they have an interesting alternative to plywood. Anyone else ever see this type of plywood replacement before?

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  • Anyone know of plywood or drywall alternative that can stop stray bullets? Amazing, grown (white) “man” gunned down in Petworth Saturday night at Sherman Circle and we get a post on home renovations? WTF!

  • Those are heavy-gauge steel window screens from

    I think it says something positive about Petworth that most residents don’t feel the need to install burglar bars, let alone this kind of vandal-proof screening.

    Seems like you’re generally safe in your own home here. Walking around outside by yourself after midnight, that’s another story.

  • Ha…these look tough but before they demolished the old Bell high school they had these on the windows and doors. They didn’t work for crap. Crack heads and homeless people broke into the school over and over again. They would use 2×4 and screwdrivers or whatever else they could find and just pry them right off the building. Of course I don’t blame them. For over a year they had cable tv and running water in there, plus the cops would never do anything about it.

  • These are on the abandoned building on the NW corner of 2d and Fla Ave NW. My wife and I thought they were for some defunct night club, ha!

    BUT, as of Friday there are workers gutting the building – Pop any news on this?

    Word on the street is that it is being turned into condos (and not a Trader Joe’s as I had dreamed).

    • I noticed this today also about the 2nd and Florida NW building. I think they replaced plywood on those windows to allow air to flow through the building while they are gutting it, makes a lot of sense for while you are working on the building but still want it locked up tightly at night.

  • I saw this last week and assumed it was either to board it up, or was the most obvious stash house in DC.

  • Those coverings are marketed not for when people live there, but as much improved ways to board up a property to keep things out. And not necessarily vandals, but birds, squirrels and rats that can easily tear through plywood very quickly.

    • you’ve left me with a horrible, Hitchcockian vision of ravenous birds ferociously tearing through plywood to get at the hapless humans inside!

  • They also allow air to flow through the building better than plywood, allowing the inside to dry out better.

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