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  • Never say no to a ‘nana!

    I’m trying to remember a great banana advertising jingle from Australia around 1984-85 that had this tag line. Online search has come up empty. But I think this is how it went. . .

    “Never say no to a ‘nana
    A ‘nana’s as nice as can be
    It comes in a skin and it’s shaped like a grin
    And it grows on an old ‘nana tree.”

    Several other verses – but memory fails.

  • As soon as I get that banana it’s gonna be peanut butter jelly time.

  • I once saw an art print in San Francisco that has never left me. The series was about Mr. Banana. It was a picture of Mr. Banana smoking a cigar. Caption read, “He’s told it’s fallic, but he just doesn’t it.” Still makes me laugh.

  • You can repeal an act, but you can never repeal a banana.

    Also, I love the shot of Samuel Ali, charanguista. He’s extremely talented, and has played all sorts of venues, including Bloombars. Holler or give a dollar to Samuel Ali. By the way, he told me that his is the “Mercedes Benz of Charangos”. That’s right ladies.

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