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  • someone needs to stop this for yo sheeet!!!

  • Hi,

    Owner of Yola here. I have good news for coco dleprechaun. Yola is NOT frozen yogurt. Yola is a fresh yogurt parfait bar and smoothie place. We look forward to seeing everyone in the store after our October opening!


  • Also, for more information, check out our facebook page while the website is under construction!


  • Why can’t Dupont get a good bakery? Firehook is OK, but fresh bread near the metro would be AWESOME. Maybe some good and reasonably priced sweets.

    oh well.

    • ask firehook to make specific things if you don’t like them.
      you already have a bakery, tell them what would make them more valuable to neighbors.

      easier than getting a new one.

  • Gosh. This is just everyone’s lucky day! We happen to have a fantastic baker for Yola. Her baking company is called the Topless Bakery. She does sweet and savory, but most importantly, natural. Jessica, your bad bakery days are over!

  • I LOVE PARFAITS! so excited for Yola to open!

  • I can’t wait to try this place!

  • Sweeeet! I love yogurt of the non frozen variety! Fro-yo has been taking over the city this summer, and as much as i love it, it will be awesome to have an alternative healthy treat especially as the days are getting cooler. YAY PARFAITS! and bakery goodies. yuuuummmm!

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