Judging Restaurants – Greek Deli and Judging Dessert – Schakolad

Since my beloved Yanni’s closed in Cleveland Park, lots of readers mentioned Greek Deli as the place to get the best gyro in town. So I thought they deserved a proper judging restaurants post. Greek Deli is located at 1120 19th St, NW. Besides the gyro are there any other must order items? How crowded do they get over lunchtime? You can see their menus here.

And nearby at 1107 19th St, NW is Schakolad Chocolate Factory. I was just curious if any chocolate fans were familiar with this spot?

Ed. Note: Whenever we talk Greek food someone mentions the Greek Spot at 11th and U St, NW. You can see a profile by Tina here.

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  • I’ll begin by giving two caveats:
    1) I havne’t been to the Greek Deli in over three years
    2) I haven’t been to the Greek Deli since I stopped eating meat

    That being said, I felt I must post a RAVE review for the lunch special. They load up a huge styrofoam container with at least three hot items from their little buffet, plus a huge piece of amazing bread, plus stuffed grape leaves. The moussaka is to die for, as are the green beans, and the grape leaves are the best I’ve ever had. I recall paying close to $10 for the food, but it was more than enough for two very large meals so totally worth the price.

    And, yes, very crowded during lunch but again, totally worth it.

  • I still eat meat, but Greek Deli does some of the best lentils and orzo around if you’re in the mood for a vegetarian dish.

    Portions are insane. Everything is homemade. The line is often off the hook, but it moves quickly, and it’s completely worth it.

  • Really good falafel, and the platter comes with some of the sides mentioned above. Long line, but as EdTheRed notes, it moves quickly. Go about 1:30/2 and the line usually tapers off.

  • You must get the Avgolemono soup, the Greek Deli is known for the soup. I would skip the gyro and just get the soup and bread. Delish! And if you get the gyro, make sure it is heated.

  • I used to work down the street from Greek Deli and visit frequently. I’m pretty much obsessed with the chicken gyros, but everything I’ve had there has been so yummy. The line at the lunch peak can be pretty long but they are super efficient and it moves fast. If you haven’t been, grab a menu as soon as you enter and make up your mind fast. You will have to shout out your order promptly. Mmm, I miss that place.

  • yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! i love the greek deli! they give you pounds of delicious food. possibly not the best lunch decision on a day with a busy afternoon, as a food coma is unavoidable after this delicous food.

  • Greek Deli=best deal in the city. Ditto @TNBL on the avgolemono soup–it is so delicious!

    Next in the line!

  • The gReek Deli is legendary, and cannot be beat. I can only echo all of the amazing sentiments folks are posting and will continue to post! I love that place.

    Skocolat on the other hand, was a great disappointment the one time I visited. I had had a stressful morning earlier this summer when the temps were first nearing ridiculous. A great day for an ice cream break, no? Well, Skocolat advertises “gelato” which is nearly ALWAYS awesome in my book. Well, needless to say, it was not awesome. I ended up throwing away the majority of my purchase, which was overpriced as well. I hope their bon bons are better than their gelato, but I probably wont be finding out.

    • Schakolad is incredible. Everything is made on site. The gelato is one of the best I have ever had & they change flavors on a regular basis. The chocolates are even better.

  • Avgolemono. Best ever. Grape leaves and orzo also top notch.

  • I dare anyone to say something bad about Greek Deli. That’s how good they are.

  • Piling on the love for Greek Deli. Not only is the food better than it has to be, the owner, Kosta, is a real card. You can’t see the sign on the right-hand door, but it reads “My Friends! Please close the door before I have a heart attack!” or words to that effect. Sure, he could have gone with a standard “please keep the door closed” sign, but he is a man of personality and principle. Love him, love the food.
    Oh, and don’t be afraid of the line. It’s the fastest-moving line in town. Kosta runs a tight ship, in his little greek sailor’s cap.

  • Actually, I love their breakfast gyro. They give your sausage, awesome scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, and some cheese. All for like, 3 bucks. I don’t buy lunch the days that I get it.

  • Souvlaki. Meatloaf special! Roast pork!! I can see the line for Greek Deli from my office window, and it takes some serious restraint not to go there every single day

  • You can’t go wrong with the Greek Deli daily specials. The highlights are Tuesday (pork butt) Thursday (meatloaf made from the meat of several cows) and Friday (salmon and whatever insanely delicious creation Kostas has in mind).

    And not to be too shameless, feel free to join the Greek Deli Appreciation Society on Facebook:


  • Schakolad is amazing – they make everything onsite and the people who work there are friendly. It’s not cheap, but I think the quality of the truffles and chocolates is worth the price.

  • The Greek Deli is definitely one of my top three favorite lunch places in DC, full of a lot of character and even more good food. All the platters are out of control in terms of deliciousness and portion size. I’m a fan of the chicken breast and lamb platters which come with greek salad, tomato garlic green beans, orzo, and freshly baked country bread. Sure they’re about $10 each, but they’re easily two full meals. The line gets long, especially at the peak around 12:30, so get there by noon if you don’t feel like waiting.

    I only went to Schokolad last summer when they had the $1 chocolate covered strawberries deal. The place was overpriced and not much to write home about.

  • the meatballs, lamb platter, spanakopita with 3 cheeses, gyros, basically everything I have tried there is amazing. You can’t go wrong with the Greek Deli. Best Greek food in the city in my opinion.

  • I went to Schokolad once. I enjoyed looking around at their chocolate-shaped everything, but the truffles I bought were decidedly mediocre.

  • No! No people! The Greek Deli is terrible. Avoid it at all costs. Please, if you have not been, stay away. God help us if the line gets any longer.

    Just kidding; it’s phenomenally good. Best lunch in the west end of downtown, hands down.

  • Greek Deli is awesome. Moussaka is to die for, portions are huge, and Kostas is a stud. If it were closer to my office, I’d be there several times a week.

  • Have been to the Greek Deli several times. The Gyro is very good.
    Schakolad is also very good. The chocolates & truffles are had made on site and you can actually see them dipping them by hand. The gelato is also made on site. Very smooth, lite & refreshing on a hot day

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