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Ceiba is located at 701 14th St, NW. I was able to try this place out for a restaurant week lunch and thought it was really good. (I had the steak.) I’ve heard others say that it was way overrated. What do you guys think – fair, good, great or completely overrated? You can see their dinner menu here.

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  • Can’t really speak to their food, but their happy hour is nice. $5 drinks for a “late” happy hour, 9:30-close. Drinks were refreshing, from what I remember.

  • I think it’s great, and it’s consistently a good Restaurant Week deal.

  • I’ve been twice; when it was new – and really enjoyed it both times. Their ceviche sampler was delish.

  • I’ve had good lunch experiences, although they use cilantro in everything. Dinner seems overpriced and over rated.

  • I don’t go often but am addicted to their Hot Lava Stone melted cheese appetizer. Mmmmmm, cheeeeeese.

  • They have some sort of late happy hour deal on weekdays with cheaper drinks and half priced entrees. Great deal.

  • It’s great…I went for dinner during restaurant and liked the fact that you could order any of their entrees!

  • Went for RW and food was great! I, too, liked the fact that you could order any entree off the menu. Service was a little dodgy but overall I’d recommend it.

  • I had their butternut squash ravioli once and I still dream about it. Although dinner can be a bit pricey, it is a good splurge.

  • I went for RW last year and have come back for the great happy hour deals. The ceviches and sugar cane mojitos are delicious, as was the whole red snapper I had during RW (but it’s a little out of my price range on a regular basis!) Our server was funny, friendly, and attentive – great for a more upscale night out.

  • As an FYI, they have the RW Dinner every Monday-Any app, entree, and select desserts for $35. Ditto for TenPhen, DC Coast, Acadiana, and Passion Fish.

  • been once… had a very enjoyable meal. it was about a year ago, but i still think of their fried oyster appetizer…. yum!

  • Shrimp Natcho… that’s all you need to know – Shrimp Natchos!

  • I’ve been for dinner and for late night happy hour. I had the ceviche sampler and the hot lava stone cheese appetizer which were both really good. They were actually reasonably priced too – meaning you could have a good meal for under $20, before drinks/service charges. They have wine deals on Mondays too, I believe.

    However, we went for late-night hh for a Friday in June and we had the worst service. The deal itself is good – $5 drinks and I think 1/2 priced bar menu. We were about 8 people, but there weren’t too many other people enjoying the HH. Some people got their food immediately after we ordered and others didn’t get it for nearly an hour. The server kept abruptly leaving in the middle of taking our orders to check on something, and if one person asked for a drink, he did not check to see if anyone else wanted one before leaving. And he rolled his eyes when a couple people wanted to leave early with a separate check, and complained. I totally realize that doing so is an inconvenience to him, but it was really rude on his part.

    The experience definitely left me a little salty on going back, which is too bad because the food is decent.

  • A bit pricey, but atmosphere is nice, drinks are great and food is good. Like light bites and drinks at the bar for happy hour. Among the group of similarly priced, similarly themed, downtown concept restaurants (and I swear they all use the same website designer) (Ceiba, Zaytinya, Oyamel, Oya, Rasika, Jaleo, Rosa Mexicano, Zengo), I’d rank them something like: Rasika, Oya, Ceiba, Oyamel, Zaytinya, Rosa Mexicano, Jaleo, and Zengo last.

  • Ceiba is one of my favs for Restaurant Week – I would prob only go for a special occassion other times of the year b/c it is a bit pricy. Delicious!

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