Judging Buildings – Meridian Hill Baptist Church

While this Church has been for sale for years and though it was damaged by the big Deauville fire, I still think it is an amazing building. I’m hesitant to nominate it for a horse’s ass award because, well, it was a church and I don’t want to go to hell but…

Well, what do you guys think of the building itself? Do you think it warrants a horse’s ass award nomination?

I do love the old school sign…

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  • If the NIMBYs in that area knew what was best, they wouldn’t oppose the idea of a live music venue in this building. Besides another church (and there are no shortage of church venues here, which is partly why this is vacant), the only other thing I think would be economically viable would be an entertainment venue. Lots of similar examples around the country, and it would be a major boon to the area businesses.

  • Definitely a horse’s ass award!

    On a related note, is that church at Columbia and 13 already under contract?

  • Venue/Theater/Concert Hall. Its a great building. My scuttle butt wet dream though will be the day that POP announces that the old Ontario Theater is getting rehabbed into something cool. If only.

  • Horse’s ass, no doubt!

  • Who came forward with a proposal to turn this into a music venue? I live in Mt Pleasant and would love to have a concert hall nearby. Plus, it’s hard to find developers who want to renovate dilapidated churches like this one.

  • I love that it’s “Temporarily Relocated” to Maryland.

  • We need a giant arcade.

  • Was this structure originally built as a church? It doesn’t really look like one, beyond the stained glass.

  • I’ve always loved the sign on that church.

  • I’d love to know more about the stained glass windows. I always walk by that building and wonder who they are. they look very unique and beautiful.

    I think that even considering an historic church that is too amazing to tear down, but too expensive to rehab is a tragedy, not a horse’s ass.

  • saf

    I miss the “air conditioned” sign.

  • How terrible for someone to call this horse’s ass; so insensitive and carless with words. This is a beautiful building and even more so if desecrated. I pray for you! How could you call a place of worship a horse’s ass? This just goes to show how much it is needed in that community. Even though it may be just a building it served a great purpose and made a difference with the church that was in the community. It still belongs to them and no matter what you call it. It will be what God wants it to be. So stop with yourself seeking comments and hateful words like “horse’s ass.”


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