Coolest Pet in PoPville – Cat Semifinalists

We’ve got two finalists already – Rocky and Goblin. Many thanks to Heather Goss for helping select the semifinalists. Heather is the Managing and Arts Editor for and runs Ten Miles Square, whose next photo exhibit you can see at the DC State Fair on August 28. She’s still bitter about her space cadet losing the Coolest Cat contest last year, but promises she didn’t take it out on this year’s contestants.

The poll will stay open until Friday at 5pm. The finalists will face each other next week, with the winner getting on a t-shirt as the ‘Coolest Pet in PoPville 2010’. Good luck!

Photos after the jump.


“Haywire is a wonderful accident – and lives up to her name. She started off being born inside a hay baler in Texas. When Dad and I started up the baler about 10 days later, the first new bale that came down the trestle had this little gray kitten bundled up in it – her head sticking out of one end. And that’s how I got one of the smartest, happiest cats I’ve ever known – and the shiniest, silver cat I’ve ever seen, which you can’t see that well in the photo I’ve submitted (of my less than shiny kitchen). Anyway, Haywire is now about seven, and the proud owner of a front and back yard in Petworth, as well as the whole house where she unrolls paper towels and toilet paper, chases june bugs, jumps at paper mice, and still will run at top speed through all three floors just because she likes to run.”


“This is Mo hanging out in his favorite chair.”



“Since her adoption from Last Chance Animal Rescue, Lola has demanded only the finest in mahogany cat furniture and Fancy Feast. Lola has parties and doesn’t invite anyone.”


“This is Scrapple, an 18.5-year-old cat who no doubt has lived so long because the evil burns deeply in him. And sweetness. But mostly evil.”


“This is Renior. He’s a native of Chapel Hill, NC, but he is currently loving city life in Columbia Heights. He’s a big fan of flowers from the farmers market!”

Ms. Meowgi

“This is my kitten, Ms. Meowgi (named after Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid). She was found on the side of 295 in PG County surrounded by her brothers and sisters who were not as lucky as she was. She had a broken leg from presumably being hit by a car. After I adopted her, her leg had to be amputated. Now she is a happy, healthy, tripod kitten!”


“This is Dusty, Lumpy’s big sister, looking out on Georgia Avenue.”


“This is Daisy. She looks forward to winning the competition.”

Carrie Chapman, CC

“Carrie Chapman Cat[t], known as C.C., is named for a famous suffragist and is completely blind. She and her three kittens were rescued from an unheated shelter in rural Virginia by Homeward Trails, who even created a facebook group about how awesome she is. Now she leads a life of luxury in Southwest DC, where she enjoys long naps in front of a fan, belly rubs, and her squeaky mouse toy.”



“Tater says “plbthhhh” to last year’s winner.”


“Munchkin – Loves his urban garden!”

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