Judging Buildings – 3500 Block of 13th St, NW

The two buildings getting rehabbed on the 3500 Block of 13th St, NW are nearing completion. (I believe the one on the left was a rehab and the one on the right was new construction.) It’s nice to see so many homes get fixed up on this block. How do you think these turned out? Here are the renderings from Capital City Real Estate:

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  • I think they look fantastic (though I may have another opinion if I owned the pale green house to the far right of the picture). Capital City does a great job, IMO, of making their new construction fit into the block.

    I’m also excited about the condo building across the street that’s being rehabbed and am hopeful that the currently boarded-up one attached to the building at the NE corner of 13th and Monroe will soon follow suit.

  • House next door had a really nice side yard, and wrap around porch. Now blocked by a house. Kinda sucks to be them

  • good job. the new house actually fits the street. is there vinyl siding on the side? no hope not:)

  • Nice rehab

  • I hate to see when they rip off the front porches of these houses in condo conversions.

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