Huge Prostitution Arrests Made at 4100 Georgia Ave, NW

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I’ve gotten a few emails from folks about the large number of prostitution arrests made this past weekend. MPD writes:

“On Saturday evening, the Fourth District Vice Unit, along with members from the Crime Suppression Team conducted an operation in the area of Georgia Ave and Taylor St NW. This area has been noted as an area for possible street prostitution in the past. First, we deployed several undercover officers (male).

Their job was to identify and possibly target any female prostitutes that might be operating in the area. In a very short time, we were able to identify and arrest several female suspects in the area and charge them with prostitution-related offenses. Then, we deployed several undercover officers (female), posing as potential prostitutes in order to target the “Johns”. Over the next several hours, we were able to arrest several subjects and charge them with prostitution-related offenses as well.

This two-fold approach was an attempt by the vice unit to address both sides of the problem and, as a result, was very effective. The undercover officers did an outstanding job and the rest of my team acted in a highly professional and efficient manner. The Fourth District Vice unit plans to conduct these operations targeting street prostitution on a regular basis within different areas of the Fourth District. If anyone observes any activities or areas that they feel we should focus on, please let me know so that we can help address those issues. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

A reader writes:

“On August 14, there are something like 12 prostitution arrests around the Yes Organic. Amazing. Was there a bus drop off? A convention?”

Back in March 2007, I was surprised to see a prostitute and her pimp around the Petworth metro.

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  • “there are something like 12 prostitution arrests around the Yes Organic”.

    Prostitution goes green.

    • We can all look forward to the day when the Johns will be using Capitol BikeShare, and end this environmentally devastating practice of polluting our streets while they cruise for hookers.

      • I’ll settle for them no longer throwing the used condoms in the street… That said, some things probably shouldn’t be recycled.

        • On finding used condoms on the street with a three-year old – “What’s that?”
          “Oh – it’s a kind of like a – a snack bag honey – and nice people put them in the trash can. . .”

  • I’ll rephrase that since my original comment is awaiting moderation…I am dropping the anvil on the working girls and their “managers” in Petworth. Time to get a real job or move to Langely Park, ladies. I am not having it. No way are my kids going to be seeing that when I am pushing them in a stroller to the library or to get some fresh fruit at the market. Nor are my kids going to go to school with someone whose mom is involved with that element.
    That’s how we gentrifying moms roll.

    • Nor are my kids going to go to school with someone whose mom is involved with that element.

      That’s how you gentrifying moms get a bad name.

    • Yea, let’s sweep all the riffraff out of the city into hardworking immigrant communities like Langley Park. If you want to shelter your kids, go move to Langley, VA with all the other snobby stay at home moms.

      • Nah, it’s too expensive and too far to commute to my full time job. And I don’t think I can maintain that level of snobbery. I just don’t like prostitution/sex work/whatever you want to call it working/getting roughed up/tossing used condoms in my neighborhood. I guess you don’t mind it though? No diss on Langley Park, I just happen to know that it’s less expensive to live there, so maybe the girls could support themselves with less dangerous legal work.

        • THREE CHEERS FOR PETWORTH MOM! Keep up the wonderful work!

          Simply ignore the “if you can’t tolerate ‘insert: vice and/or social pathology’ then move to VA” crowd!

      • 100+ meant for Melissa Gilbert. Don’t want any problems? Don’t break the law. We have a right to not live in a cesspool.

    • why the hate towards Langely? not the best place on earth for sure but you are basically pushing the problem to an area that already has problems – shame on you!

      • there is nothing wrong with pushing the problem, why would you write something so silly?

        Maryland is a much much richer state than DC, get real!

      • it’s called NIMBY. it’s going to happen somewhere no matter what…but not here 😛

    • if you read the DC current the arrests on prostitution in that corner happen after 11:00pm so you won’t see any while strolling to the library or Yes! Your comment that yuour kids won’t go to school with someone whose mom is involved in that element? how are u going to stop the kids from going to school?

  • They need to deploy a few undercover officers around 14th and Spring on weekday mornings. I see the same scantily-clad blond several times a week and it’s clear she’s looking for “work.” Or really enjoys hanging around a street corner wearing pink lace bike shorts, a thong, and a bra. Who knows?

  • There’s a big prostitution operation surrounding the parking lot bordered by I & K Streets NW between 4th and 3rd on the weekends. It’s pretty blatant. I live at 425 Mass and can watch it all go down from my window. In a weird way it’s interesting to watch, but at the same time it’s pretty disturbing considering the kind of rent people are paying to live in the neighborhood.

    • if your rent were lower, then it would not be disturbing?

      • Sorry, perhaps that was poor word choice. Maybe “unpleasantly surprising” would have been more appropriate. We recently moved out of our very reasonably priced building to escape the drug dealers who were basically allowed to operate out of the building with impunity, and moved into a new builing with almost double the rent in the hopes that it would be a nicer place to live (and a relatively safer area for our kids). Thus, when we noticed the huge amount of prostitutes operating outside our window, we found it pretty disturbing. My bad.

    • I have gone home that way many a weekend night and K between 4th NW and North Cap has felt like I was on a movie set. Many girls (sometimes actually guys?) who definitely appeared to be working and a lot of nice cars pulling up to ‘talk’ to them. At 3 AM.

      • yes they’re trannies in that area. very interesting.

        • scary scary trannies. i was driving by and saw what i thought was actually someone in a clown costume at first, mostly based on makeup, talking to a guy in a bus stop. it didn’t occur to me for a while that it was likely a prostitute, because if you were going to pay for THAT, you’d have to be in some pretty dire straits.

  • I am sure those folks were operating in the neighborhood long before you moved in and started paying rent

  • How come this does not happen in Silver Spring? We don’t have this type of excitment on the weekends.

    • People from Silver Spring definitely do. They just come to the city for it. Most of the johns have MD and VA plates.

    • Yeah, Silver Spring is not immune. Check out some of the stories surrounding what has gone down at the Travelodge and Days Inn off Georgia Avenue.

  • So, soewhere in the area there must be a Pimp of Petworth.

  • Apparently the corner of Georgia and Taylor has a Yes! Orgasm market in addition to the Yes! Organic market.

  • legalize it, regulate it, and tax the hell out of it!

  • I never understood the difference between entrapment and a sting. Could an undercover cop say “go ahead and [insert illegal activity” and then ticket or arrest me after?

    • A sting is catching you doing something illegal that you intended to do all along. Entrapment is when I threaten to hurt you or your family, or that I may kill myself, or make some other extremeley compelling enticement to get you to do something illegal you you would not have otherwise done. “Sexing you up” is not entrapment.

  • I was hoping from the headline that this was a bust focusing on just the huge prostitutes. Those would have been some fun mug shots!

    (BTW, that’s my idea for the 5pm post. Run a mug shot of somebody arrested in the neighborhood, Smoking Gun-style.)

  • About 5 or 6 years ago, when 14th and K was still hooker central at night, I saw two pimps get into a screaming match and then fistfight. It remains one of the coolest yet foreboding things Ive ever seen.

    Watching a dude in an eldorado on gold daytons jump out and start going after a dude in a baby blue feather fedora and gators and screaming “I’m a pimp from across toooooown, bitch!” is forever burnt into my memory.

    Sorry this adds nothing to the conversation, but I wanted to share a special memory

  • Has anyone actually noticed this before? I mean seriously I walk past there EVERY DAY and had no idea. In the median area, I assume?

    • Ditto. Also had no idea. In the last couple years it’s been so quiet around here that we’ve actually started to miss these Petworth Moments.

  • i have come across a dead prostitute as i was opening up shop one morning, and having to inspect the body to make sure she was dead as i was talking to 911. seeing the slit on her throat and the bruises. i can never ever think prostitution is okay.

    to me if its a leap to say that prostitutes are modern slaves, i dont care. its fucking wrong and the ones in it on their own to make a profit and still making the world a more dangerous place for other women.

  • Lot of posters getting on big tangents here. Prostitutes are slaves? You found a dead one once? What?

    Look, prostitution is illegal, so call the cops if you don’t want it there. But all this panic is excessive. You’re really playing the stroller card!? Talking all tough!? Come on. Hookers are not trying to hurt your children. And to the extent that you just don’t want your children to know that hookers exist–I mean, you live in a normal neighborhood in a large city. Why are you freaking out about normal stuff happening in it?

    • its not our fault you’re not following the tangents. no one is freaking out and someday you’ll understand the concern.

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