Good Deal or Not? “fill you with rapture” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 3221 6th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“City Chic & Oh So Affordable! This one will fill you with rapture, there’s NO condo fee to factor. Renovated through & through once you’re inside you’ll know it’s for you. Living & Dinning areas an open space waiting for you to add your stylish grace. Friends & family will rally from the patio to the extended kitchen’s galley. 2 bedroom & 2 full Baths just blks from subway, believe me it won’t last”

You can find more info here and photos here.

The reader writes:

“I know people will slam the Park Morton projects near there but I think those are getting taken away and replaced with mixed use housing?”

And this wins the award for, uh, most creative description. Are you filled with rapture after viewing the photos? Well, it’s been a while since we’ve looked at a “minihouse”. Do you think $299,000 sounds reasonable for this 2 bed/2bath?

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  • That kitchen totally depresses me, for some reason.

    Captcha: “difficult pegging.” Hee.

  • If you knocked 10% off the price for the bad “poetry” of the descripion, I still wouldn’t buy it, because you can tell from the crappy pictures that it’s the lowest possible quality flip job.

  • Definitely a flip. Look at the stock Home Depot cabinets in the bathroom and the low quality granite in the kitchen. Plus carpet upstairs usually means that the floors are so bad that they could not refinish them.

    This day and age you should stay away from flips unless it was done by one of the boutique flip groups that do high-end flips in the area (historical renovations and grade C granite or better).

  • I am kinda diggin it. I think it the price sounds right.

  • “just blks from subway”

    Yeah, just TEN blocks from the Metro. And it’s Metro, not subway.

  • its in a bad area.. and the house is so small

  • I live on this block and it’s only 6 blocks to the CH Metro.

  • Might be good for a young, single person who wants a house and not a condo.

  • I’m not sure what people are looking for, but the commentors here seem crazy…299K for a row house in the district is f’ing good. The area is a bit shady, and god forbid the “granite” isnt the right quality. I think its a good deal.

  • Quite an eye for subtle detail – they painted the house to match the electric meter.

  • i live near there. it’s really not that shady. i find that horseshoe block of 6th st, lamont, and keefer to be really friendly when i walk through. you may not like the house, but the neighborhood is no shadier than anywhere else in the columbia hts-petworth-park view-pleasant plains area.

  • It’s GDON not WYBT (would you buy this).
    Yes it’s a flip job and yes the granite isn’t the best quality (pre-fab) the cabinents are builder grade and their is carpet. I would be fine with those if the price was competitive with the comps.
    Looking at those I’d say its off by about $45K. The sellers bought it for nothing ($110) and probably put $50-60K in with renos and carring costs.
    If we were generious and said $75K for carrying costs, a $124K profit is rediculous – though impressive if they could get it.
    I bet it closes for something around $238,000.

    • I’m not one to value 2-br crappy flip jobs very highly, but 238K is way low.

      Whatever you think they made on this is irrelevant to the sale price, though. What’s it worth now?

      I think it’s a little high, but I bet it goes for almost asking. $238K? That’s less than most gut jobs in marginally better neighborhoods. You can’t buy a house for that unless you have the cash in hand, everything that cheap is snapped up immediately.

  • Wyvongela loves PoP!

  • I have lived on this block for 7 years. Here are the deets:

    1. This is a tiny, narrow house.
    2. It faces the only remaining drug dealing house on the block.
    3. You can see the Park Morton from the front stoop.
    4. The Park Morton will come down next year, taking with it the customers for #2.
    5. There are many committed, kind neighbors on this block.
    6. Jeff Smith – running for city council – lives on this block.
    7. There are at least five newcomer families on this block with young kids.
    8. This is within easy walking distance of two metro stops.
    9. This is right on the soon-to-be streetcar route on Georgia.
    10. This is right by an express bus stop.
    11. The very last “abandoned” property on this block was sold at auction last month and will be developed into a single-family home.

  • Without taking a position on whether this is a GDoN, low-quality granite? You might not like the color, but granite is granite. So long as there aren’t cracks or pits and the granite hasn’t been dyed, it’s made of the same cystaline structure as any other granite.

    I think it’s ugly granite. But not low-quality.

    • Granite is actually sold in grades just like wood and carpet. Cheap grante (grade A) has become the replacement for laminate and it looks just as bad. Higher grade granit has more veins and will add more character to the house. Plus do you really want your kitchen looking just like every other chap flip out there? Your house is an investment. Treat it with respect and make it unique.

      Cheap flippers also tend to cut corners in places you cannot see like plumbing and electrical in the walls. So buyer beware.

      • instead, put “high-grade” granite in..and enjoy its wonders…and look like every other house in your “price range”..and talk to your neighbors about the open house down the block and “grade A” granite…the horrors.

        ha, “more character to the house”..don draper just sold you some countertops. Nothing is unique about granite.

        This house is for sale for 299K..not 799K and up, the fact it has granite at all should make some potential buyers wet in the pants.

  • My boyfriend and I just bought a house a few blocks away from here, and looked at mini-houses like this and I can say for sure that it’s priced fair (maybe even a little low) for the size and location. Whether it will sell for that depends on the quality of the renovations (which I agree don’t look great in the pictures) and any problems they ignored (which will show up in the inspection). Take a look at what similar size condos go for and these mini-houses start looking really good.

    I would also like to mention that there is a happy medium between the cheap flip and boutique historical restoration. Our house was renovated by an area contractor who maintains as many of the original elements of the house as he can, while replacing things that need it with quality, if not fancy, materials. For us, it’s perfect and well worth the time it took to find.

  • I live on the block too (keefer) and I think that it is a bit over priced for the size. I would think $250-275 would be more reasonable.

    It is a very good neighborhood, but I guess you have to experience that first hand.

    I often walk home late in the evening and have not had a problem, though one should be careful around the Wonderland, where there has been a recent spat of muggings.

    • I have to respectfully disagree. I just had comps run for the area, and I don’t you think you can find a house like this gutted and rehabbed for $250k unless it’s a short sale or foreclosure and it doesn’t look like this is.

  • I just got my minihouse in park view refinanced and the appraisal said its worth right under $300k so I’d say this house is a good deal b/c it has 2 full baths (I only have 1).

  • Saw this house- way overpriced for the space, poorly laid out and it’s actually really small.

  • I think it is reasonable – an okay neighborhood, for many if its a flip job doesn’t matter, it’s livable and disclosure will be available. The Park Morton coming down. A good first home.

  • i THINK i saw this house last year and i have to say it probably took well over 75K to repair. massive termite damage, water damage, ceiling falling down, bad plumbing, etc. they also installed central AC and heating. not sure if it is a good deal or not but i think i think it was a hell of a lot of work and that they did a decent job all things considered.

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