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  • In the tropics, where the warmer climate and longer growing season allows, these Passion Flowers turn into delicious yellow and purple Passion Fruit.

  • There’s some religious lore to it, too – I just don’t recall it. They are beautiful!!

  • I’ve searched the city for passion fruit – frozen or tinned puree would be fine too – anyone know where to find it?

    • South Florida or Hawaii.

      Passion Fruit is delicious, and when chilled a great pick me up in the Summer heat, just like chilled Lychees, Longans, Barbados Cherries, Guava, Carambola and very high flavor tropical fruit many up North have never savored in their lives.

      If they only could experience what we have, victoria.

    • check out the warehouses along florida ave. you can usually find products from the tropics. that’s where i stock up on Ting, my favorite Jamaican soda.

  • Back home, Addis Ababa, we had the blue passion fruit all over our veranda and I remember as a kid I used to suck some part of it (don’t remember if it was the middle part of the flower or not) and it was sweet. Also loved grape vine tentacles.

  • I love passion fruit! I had an incredible passion fruit custard in Kona once…It also makes an awesome rum drink, especially if you throw in a dash of Angostura or Seventh Heaven (a lightly alcoholic mixer made by La Belle Creole in St. Lucia and Martinique that contains ginger and the aphrodisiac tree bark bois bande.)

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