Dear PoP – Are These Mushrooms Safe?

“Dear PoP,

I am wondering if you or any of the readers can help me with this question. I was surprised to find this wild mushroom growing in my lawn. Can I eat it? Or rather, can I eat it without: a) getting sick; or b) getting stoned out of my mind.”

I really hope you are just messing with me. I don’t know for certain, but of course, never ever eat a mushroom growing on your lawn. Does anyone happen to know what this one is called? And can confirm it is poisonous?

With all this rain these mushrooms and another type are popping up like crazy:

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  • If you do eat it, please let me know how it goes. We have a bunch in our yard and in the park across the house and I was wondering the same thing! Good luck

  • Ok, so I got anxious waitng for a response and Chulanko (above) seemed to indicate these might be safe. So I ate them. Do you think I will be ok?

    Actually I feel like writing a haiku right now:

    Mushroom in the grass
    Sort of crunch do you taste
    I don’t feel so well

  • How many fingers should my feet have?

  • Um, to the writer of this blog, I’m pretty sure you’re getting messed with, but if you’re not, and other people eat these mushrooms, then you’re responsible! Unbelievably dangerous of you.

    • I dont see how he is responsible for other peoples stupidity.. If they eat it their problem. POP did not indicate anything that said eat the mushrooms.. and honestly even if he is getting messed around with I am actually amused by this post and it actually made me laugh despite such a stressful week. so i like the post.

  • Only one way to find out…

  • When you cut the mushroom, did the cut section turn bluish-black? That’s a bad sign.

    More importantly, Amanitas grow in this region, often under oak trees. They will kill you, slowly I think. And they don’t change colors. They’re also called Death Angels. Google it.

    • The cut section isn’t blue or black. But my finger toes are… what are they called again? Gosh, Pop look what you did to me!?!?!!

      Time for another haiku? Probably.

      I used to trust PoP
      Then he made me eat mushrooms
      Bluish-Black Fingers

    • Actually, “destroying angels.” Even better.

  • Seriously do not eat any mushroom that you are unfamiliar with–that is if you want to keep your liver!! PoP I would delete any postings by people saying you should try them, encouraging this would be very bad.

  • Unless you are a fungi expert, you should never eat mushrooms found in the wild. Ever. Many types of mushrooms and other fungi are capable of sharing genetic information through their “roots” with each other; ones that look nonpoisonous can mutate thanks to new genetic information and suddenly be lethal. Even people that are fungi experts die from eating poisonous mushrooms that looked fine.

  • From this site

    They look like one about halfway down (ID #75)

    One response

    “THESE I can tell you with almost 95% acurace are the dreaded green spored lepotia. Or one of several look alike mushrooms that are so similar that they all might just as well be poisonouse. Gills are white to slightly green tinted and turn an olive green color with age leaves a greenish brown spore print. I would not bet my life that these will not take yours if you eat them.”

    Good luck!

  • Clearly, PoP has started his Friday happy hour early.

  • Too much like a green spored lepiota to risk eating. Most common cause of North American mushroom poisoning! Poor dog died after eating it…

  • I know it’s a bad economy, but are you so cheap you have to wonder about eating wild mushrooms?

    • Given the recent post about dog pee I’m surprised a reader is considering eating ANYTHING out of his front yard.

      My guess is he’s actually hoping these are magic mushrooms so he can consume or sell them. No strictly culinary adventure is worth the risk.

  • Is everyone just loopy on a Friday afternoon or are you letting your toddlers post responses today?

  • This plumber dressed in red convinced me once that these mushrooms were fine. They tasted ok, but I grew twice in size.

  • I would not eat any wild mushroom unless you knew for sure they were not poisonous. My mom told me about a chef from the Shoreham hotel many years ago (not sure exactly when) who decided to go into rock creek park and pick wild mushrooms for a dish. Well, 7 or so people died.

  • Unless you really know what you are doing, don’t eat wild mushrooms. It’s not worth the risk. The consequences can be severe, even fatal.

  • “All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.” — Croatian Proverb

  • Shrooms makes the clouds look pretty.

  • Darwin Award!

  • If these guys can grow and grow they may me toadstools whick are deadly.

  • oh nos my puppy!

  • This is too funny! If anyone follows the advise on this thread and eats a random mushroom growing on the street, they deserve whatever they get! Think of it as an intelligence test.


  • Agreed! Because Dandelion green ravioli is $13.00 at all the nicer restaurants!

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