Coolest Pet in PoPville – Semifinalists – ‘Other’ Category

Ok, we’ve had an amazing first round with over 300 awesome pets! The task of narrowing it down to semifinalists is nearly impossible. Remember there will be 3 semifinal rounds for ‘Other’, Dog, and Cat with the winners of each category facing off in the final for the title of Coolest Pet in PoPville. To help me pick Dog and Cat semifinalists, in addition to your comments I’ve enlisted some guest judges more on that later. Now please, please, please don’t be ridiculous and stuff the “ballot box”. We are on the honor system here but if there is an obvious fixing of the poll I will disqualify your pet. Seriously. Don’t do it! You can have your friends vote, you can put it on facebook or twitter but don’t stay up all night clearing your cache and voting 100 times yourself (it’s happened before). I am keeping results hidden and will show them at the end.

Anyway all the pets really were great and getting to post them up every afternoon for the last month has made my summer afternoons a lot more fun. So allow me to introduce the ‘Other’ Semifinalists. Voting will be tallied by poll and the poll will close at 11:59pm Friday night.

Dame Winifred Artemis Jolie-Pitt aka Winnie





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  • I went with Rocky, but any of these would be a great choice! Congrats on being semi-finalists and good luck!

  • Would it be possible to have the descriptions again? Sometimes it’s more than just a picture that tells us how cool a pet is!

  • Is it bad to kill mice in your home? I have a mice problem.. snap traps kill them, the glue thingys are hard to take the mice off..

    personally I would love to see those little fu**ers die the most painful death, but then i feel bad about it and the whole karma thing in my brain starts effing with me..

    What do people use to get rid of mice humanely?

    • saf

      Cats. (Although I am not sure how humane they are, actually.)

      • i agree, cats are the way to go BUT make sure you are not using poison in addition to the feline. cats who trap and “eat” rats who have previously ingested poison can cause serious side effects/death in the cat. this also goes if you have rats in your backyard and have feral alley cats that help control the rat population. poison works on cats too!

  • I’m a cat-lover but I secretly hope that the winner of the “Other” category wins the whole contest, just to liven things up a bit. I’m torn between Winnie, because she has an adorable face and a kick-ass name, and Claude-Phillipe for his classy name (though shouldn’t it be “Claude-Philippe”?), beauty, and uniqueness.

  • Turtles are my #1 irrational fear, so I’m going to have to go with Claude-Philippe. Snails are WAY less scary than turtles.

  • I agree with ForTheShorties

    Submitted pet descriptions should be included with balloting to better evaluate coolness and vote accordingly better informed.

  • “Rocky” isn’t a hamster, he’s a *rat*. A hooded, rat, at that.

  • I think that all of these animals are stupid. I mean, what’s so cool about that rabbit? It’s on fake grass. That doesn’t even make sense.

    The turtle isn’t doing anything cool, it’s just a decent camera angle- get over it.

    The snail would be cool if I could eat it.

    Hamsters make terrible pets and so do birds.

    I hope that I’ve been uplifting.

    • the rabbit is actually on a piece of what looks to be wheatgrass sod. idiot.

      • wait, wait, I’m the idiot because I don’t know different kinds of sod?

        Oh, my bad. Didn’t know that was the metric for intelligence in 2010.

        The original point stands: I’m solving global problems and you’re defending rabbits on wheatgrass sod growing on terriblefloors.

        Also – pets are for self-righteous, delusional people. You imprison animals in unnatural environments, isolate them from their species, and make them live in small spaces. You think you’re doing them a favor because you ‘love’ them and all you’re really doing is enslaving them to make yourself feel better.


        • i guess you forget that as a part of the human race, your kind helped domesticate animals for our pleasure and comfort. i can only guess you have never had a pet. if you think that cats and dogs can survive in the wild as well as any other animal, then you’re nuts. we are taking the responsibility of our animal forefathers who bred these domesticated animals for our enjoyment by taking care of them, loving them and giving them SAFE homes, not letting them out in a field where they would have no chance at survival.

          this has nothing to do with circuses, and you are an idiot if you think the aspect of a zoo is wrong. zoos work to educate our youth on the wild so they may respect it, and also care for and contain rare/near-extinct amimals for the sake of species rehabilitation – all this because of HUMANS, like YOU – who probably drive a crude gas car and produce tons of waste each year. don’t try to say it isn’t your fault that we have zoos, because you are as human as everyone else on the planet, and have at some point in your life contributed to the ozone being screwed up, trash in our sewers and filth in our food.

          you can hate and object to the treatment within some zoos, but don’t start ranting on about how terrible they are. zoos surve a purpose.

          and you’re still an idiot.

        • you’re solving global problems?
          please share.

      • That is correct, umm. Percy is eating wheatgrass sod, not “fake” grass.

  • Disappointed that Porkchop didn’t make the cut… she’s got spunk!

    That said, I’m votin’ for Percy.

  • Ahh I love them all. What a hard vote.

  • Alright, hasn’t anybody noticed that Roo is a DAMN GHOST!

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