Can’t Rent Your Retail? Sell the window space as an ad

The Moderno, located on 12th St, NW just south of U St, has found a clever way to raise some revenue while waiting to rent out its retail – plaster the retail windows with ads. I guess if Mastercard is willing to pay then it’s smart move on the Moderno’s part. I wonder if this will be a trend given all the vacant retail spots around the city. Do you guys think it looks ok?

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  • Interesting, however dcra’s signs group may have something to say about this

  • LaKritz and Adler are two smart cookies! They have been doing this for well over a year and there is not anything illegal with this type of advertisement while they look for the right retailer to fill the space.

  • In the City of Coral Gables, Florida, on the main drag along Miracle Mile, any vacant store fronts are covered with full length and breadth one story murals of people shopping by City employees until the property is occupied again.

  • If I paid a ton of money for a condo, I wouldn’t be delighted that my building was turned into a credit card advertisement … I’m surprised the association doesn’t bitch and moan (although maybe they see some money from this which is why they don’t …).

  • I guess this is a “creative” way to get around the no billboards thing in DC.

    captcha weirdness: sahagun’s lumption

  • Makes you wonder how the owners can afford not having any renters in a prime business/dining area. Surely the ads don’t begin to compensate for the lost income from failing to rent that bad boy out? Maybe it’s time for the Moderno to drop the rent it must be asking.

    • I’m sure they’re holding out hold out for the right tenant with strong financials and right image (remember there are residences up top) who can lock in a good 7-10yr lease. Last thing you want is some rinky dink business selling some tchotckes that will fold in less than a year. So I’m sure they’re just leasing out the window space as a buffer until that right tenant comes through.

  • looks good to me. I’d rather see that than en empty storefront with a “for lease” sign on the window. Nothing more depressing walking down a sidewalk and seeing tons of empty storefronts. At least this gives the illusion of some commerce.

  • Rumor: Mova, the bar that used to be Halo will be moving to this space. Now that would be something for those condo residents to moan about.

  • I wonder if I can sell my apartment windows for ad space.

  • Another reason to support your “LOCAL” retailers and providers. KEEPS their doors open. If you have something NEGATIVE or otherwise AKA “Constructive Criticism”, let them know (directly), NOT through YELP.

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