Beau Thai Opening Soon at R and New Jersey Ave, NW

Back in March we heard about a new restaurant, Beau Thai, coming to the corner of R & New Jersey Ave, NW. I’ve had some timely emails on the topic. A reader wrote last week:

“Hey! So my boyfriend and I bike down R street every day to work, and we’ve been monitoring the progress of Beau Thai (at R & New Jersey) pretty closely. Today there were two guys out front and my boyfriend asked them when the restaurant would be opening…they said probably next week! So Bloomingdale might be getting TWO restaurants in August if Rustic keeps on track!”

and from a Bloomingdale resident (email):

“Please note in the upcoming news that Beau Thai will open on this Monday, August 9, for take-out; dine-in coming soon! The restaurant is located at R & New Jersey Ave NW.”

I stopped by on Sunday, and though the doors were locked, I peeked through the window and the inside was looking great. If anyone tries some take out, let us know what you think. I’ll be sure to update when the dine-in option is available.

UPDATE: I’m now told Beau Thai is aiming to open on Thurs. I’ll repost when date is set in stone.

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  • I believe that is still considered Shaw, right? Just curious, as I live down the street and have been saying I live in Shaw.

  • The name is hysterical.

  • Anyone have a tip on their website? Or a phone number?

  • DC sure does love its Thai food. And it’s Thai puns. Here’s some more:
    Thai One On
    Thai Me Up Thai Me Down
    Fit to be Thai
    Thai Fighters
    Thai Nee Tim
    Thai Leads to Shootout (Works on many levels)
    Thai Mison Mai-Cide

  • What is the deal with that Middle Eastern place that was on the verge of opening months ago at 5th and R? Did the city’s amazing DCRA derail this indefinitely with some minute statute or insufficient bribe>

  • Answered my own question-

    Looks like it’s open? Anyone been? PoP recon mission?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I did a recon mission on Sat, I’m hoping those who live closer will do a recon mission for me tonight!!!

  • Queue up all the outrageously annoying comments about this actually being some other neighborhood and not Bloomingdale at all.

    Way to focus on the point, guys!

    I will try take out tonight.

    Anyone have a number?

  • it was more of a question than a comment … sigh. My gf informed me that Beau Thai means lotus … though it does sound like bow tie

  • I always imagined it was based on ‘beauty’.

  • I think this will be a really great addition to the neighbourhood! Looking forward to some yummy Thai food!

  • I talked to the owner last week (who is very excited) and she confirmed that it will open on Thursday.

    • yeah, we stopped by here and the Red Toque last night … neither is open yet. The only sign on RT’s windows are permits, so I’m not sure how someone was able to comment on their food yet.

      • I think it is hysterical! I live a block away and there is not place yet. i wrote this lady and told her she must have the places wrong. Oh well. What is this Rustik I hear about?

  • Beau-Thai is open as of August 16th for takeout only, they’re hoping for seating in late September. I picked up some food there last night for dinner, and it was great. The phone number is crossed out and written in again on the menu, but it looks like 205-377-5329.

  • Trying to order now and number in pp is disconnected and number on menu is dumping me into a voicemail.

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