Anyone Know What These Signs Are All About?

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

I must’ve seen 5 or 6 of these all over town these weekend from Petworth to Bloomingdale. I also noticed the one above located at the corner of 5th and I Streets, NW in Mt. Vernon Square. Sciasia noted “thanks for the parking lot” in the PoPville flickr pool – anyone know what is supposed to be built on this parking lot? Anyone else notice these signs around town?

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  • the firehouse in bloomingdale has one too
    my guess, election year.
    fenty has a big chance of loosing.

  • you tell me the difference between that and a campaign poster? Is “Creating Economic Opportunities for the District of Columbia” a government office, a pledge or just a campaign phrase? Public money?

    I’m from Providence, RI – the land of Buddie Cianci… and you, Mr Fenty, are no Buddy Cianci!!!!

    • there’s an Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development|33024|

      • From that site:
        “Projects within the office’s portfolio include the $2 billion Southwest Waterfront redevelopment, the $1 billion redevelopment of the 10-acre former Convention Center site and more than $70 million worth of waterfront parks and infrastructure projects.” Don’t know what the sign above is advertising for though.

        That’s also the office that channeled DCPR money to Banneker Ventures and frat-brother Omar Karim, so I’m not sure putting up those signs whould be the best way to solicit campaign support.

    • free buddy!

  • haha, the firehouse having one isn’t exactly a plus for fenty. W/ the lack of real movement, he should distance himself from that one.

  • Election season. I’d really like some assurance that Fenty paid for these, and not tax dollars.

  • shovel ready… too soon?

  • They read like Fenty for Mayor signs.
    Sure seems like the mayor is using city money to do a little campaigning.
    Does anyone else agree with me?

    • I totally agree. Unless, of course, someone from Fenty’s office can provide an explanation of what sorts of projects are/will be under way at these locations? I’m especially curious about the two signs around Randolph and GA Ave, across from Safeway. Wasn’t one of these spots supposed to be a new restaurant by the Marvin folks? I guess that’s not happening.

      • I agree too. I think that there is probably some explanation of a “future project” that they could dig up if needed.

      • saf

        The former Billy Simpson’s site in the 3800 block of GA Ave is the future restaurant site. I’ve been told that interior work has begun.

    • agreed; so what’s next? who blows the whistle? i’m too busy watching tv right now

    • Perhaps because I’m from Chicago and live in NYC — where my city council person has his name plastered all over the neighborhood trash cans, and my borough president has his own newspaper — I tend to think this is just how the game is played. This is what mayors and governors do, plaster their name on everything. (Hell having lived in Tennessee, California, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The only state I’ve not seen it done is Virginia.)

  • same thing as those economic reinvestment plan signs you see all over the public works programs one sees. It’s just reminding you who’s behind it.

  • I know Tony Williams put these up at construction sites funded through some kind of city bonds, too. In fact, I walked past one such sign this morning; it was covered in overgrown grass next to a parking lot, itself…

  • It’s how it works in pretty much every city in every state and District in the country. The buck stops with the guy who’s in the elected office at the time, be it election year or otherwise. Regardless, it’s your tax dollars at work, and there’s probably a multiplier effect that returns it to you and the city in other ways – isn’t this where the hotel is going, by the convention center? Lot’s of money should poor into the city with that, thank you mayor. Besides, would anybody who reads this blog even notice and think about their city government if the sign said “Another project brought to you by State Comptroller Atkins”?

  • My trash cans still have Sharon Pratt Dixon’s name on them.

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