Alliance Tavern Papered Over at 3238 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

It seems this is another location that is tough to pick a winner. The former location of Enology Wine Bar became Alliance Tavern back in January. A reader noticed that the storefront had been recently papered over. A neighbor thinks that they’ve closed but I called their phone (and left a message) which is still connected as is their Web site.

Were there any fans of Allicance Tavern? Anyone hear any rumors of what’s going on here? I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available.

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  • Might be time for those Restaurantuers to hang up their hats. Alliace was very blah. And yes. I will say it. “BRING BACK THE ZEBRA ROOM” complete with hammer head shark please. Maybe 2Amys could expand across the street and make a 2Amys2. No kids allowed.

  • Going to be a sports bar similar to Maddies on CT Ave.

    • I read somewhere Public Bar folks were opening another bar in Tenleytown, this ain’t really Tenleytown but could be it

  • Wow, that’s the location of death.

  • Went there a couple times, the food was awful. You cannot serve mediocre food and expect to survive. That location is great and you have other, thriving restaurants around it — Two Amy’s, Cactus Cantina, Cafe Deluxe. I knew once I went back the second time and the food was still sub-par that this place was on its last leg.

  • That was just a matter of time, went down hill once it switched from the wine bar to the “we dont really know what we are” bar

  • I liked this place as enology. Their attempt to make it more family friendly was a flop. The food was terrible and the service jumped straight off of a cliff. Good food and drinks at decent prices is all that people want.

  • That didn’t take long. That location must be cursed.

  • Enology was a great idea at the wrong location; it didn’t appeal much to locals and wasn’t near a Metro and thus didn’t bring in much of an outside crowd. Since many complained that Enology didn’t cater to the locals enough, they tried to re-jigger the concept to appeal more to neighbors, but apparently it didn’t work. One of Joel Englerts few failed projects.

  • There’s a sign on their door now that says a new place is coming soon by the same owners of the ugly mug and maddy’s bar&grille….

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