Wanna Adopt a Dog?

“Dear PoP,

My neighbor has a beautiful 7yr old pitbull named Adam that needs a home asap! The dog is sweet, passive, friendly, and loves belly rubs and children.

My neighbor agreed to watch the dog after a friend lost her home and had to move to a place that doesn’t accept pets. She doesn’t want to send the dog to the pound, so we’re hoping you can post these pics to see if anyone is interested. (Responsible pet owners only. No dog fighters!)

Her number is 202-641-5141. Interested pet lovers should give her a call this week to set up a time to meet Adam. She lives on New Hampshire, just past Grant Circle.”

In yesterday’s coolest pet in PoPville post a reader asked about adopting a pet. If anyone else is looking…

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  • How screwed up is it that this person would have to request “no dog fighters.” Really sad.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    You might ask WARL if they could include him on their website. They are doing a pit bull promotion through the end of July.

  • Any commentaries from pit bull owners on these dogs? Are they good pets? Good with other animals?

    • I think a lot depends on the dog’s history. We adopted our pit, Truman, when he was about 8 months old, and while he was a bit wild in the early going (these dogs have A LOT of energy as pups), a little training and firm boundaries go a long, long way.

      Two and a half years later, I can’t imagine our home without him. He gets along great with our English bulldog (who is also a male), and he’s very good with kids and most adults.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        As a rule, they are gentle energetic animals, good with children and other pets including cats. As to their history, I would point out that of the 13 pits from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels who went to Bad Rap, some with clear fight scars, all have their Canine Good Citizen certificates, live with dogs and cats. At least three are certified therapy dogs, including Hector, whose chest bears the worst fight scars.

        I second Lucky Dog and also Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.

    • Are they good with children? : just look:


  • this person could also contact Lucky Dog Animal Rescue – they are extremely helpful and would love to assist in finding this dog a home, i’m sure. (I adopted my dog through them, and they were great).

  • I love the staged picture of the child right by the creature. As if to imply that the hound won’t maul the child the second and adult is out of sight.

  • As a newsperson I cannot tell you how many dog mauling stories I see on the state wires – it seems like someone gets mauled/killed by their own or a neighbor’s pit bull almost every day. I love animals too but I would never ever adopt this breed. One of our coworkers lost a son – he was killed by the family’s “gentle, energetic” pit bulls.
    It is very sad that this is the prevalent breed in DC shelters.

    • Do you drive a car? Ride in one? How many stories in the news from across the country every day are about fatal car accidents? My friend died in a car accident.

      See what I did there. News= sensationalism. You never hear about the cars working, planes not crashing, dogs not attacking.

  • They used to be the quintessential family/kid dog. Think back to “The Little Rascals.” Sadly the breed has been misused by those into agressive dogs as an accessory or dog fighting. I had a pit-mix and she was great-extremely friendly and completely docile.
    From my personal experience I am more worried about those little dogs that bark and snap than I am of the big dogs.

    But back to the original post – I’d work with the humane society/rescue organization so that you don’t find a temporary home for the dog thinking its a permanent home.
    If I could have dogs in my apartment I’d certainly volunteer. Good luck!

  • What a cutie! Love the “smile.”

  • Don’t believe the media hype. Poodles are more aggressive dogs. I’m sick of the ignorance and the stigma that permeates this society surrounding these dogs, as if they are wild cheetahs or tigers. I have many pitbulls, and they are the sweetest, most loyal, and loving dogs when possesed by a responsible owner.

    Mine play with my 2 year old neice. As any living being, they react to how you treat them. If you abuse them, they will grow up with all kind of mental/trust/fear issues and aggression, similar to any abused living thing.

    I just can’t believe someone would abandon their dog after 7 years.

    Good luck, if it doesn’t find a good home chances are it will be shipped to the pound where it will be euthanized since animal shelters are overun with Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes that no one wants to give a chance to have a loving home.

  • Please be careful advertising this dog on a blog, including the location – for the dog’s sake. PoP maybe you can remove it and just mention Petworth?

    People make money off dog fighting, dogs get stolen, people can lie to you to get a dog they will use to fight or who will end up in the hands of dogfighters.

    I realize your friend is in an awkward situation that is not of his/her own making and that you are genuinely concerned about finding a home for this dog and not having him euthanized at a shelter. Please consider contacting a rescue organization about how can adopt this dog out safely so he does not end up in bad circumstances.

    I am no expert, I just volunteered with a humane society in another city and had a few experiences with people who helped pit bulls. Please be careful adopting out this dog.

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