Think this will Work?

I’d say on a slow week I get around 5 menus a week. 5 menus of the same exact restaurants every week. Think a sign (from a neighbor) like the one above will work?

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  • I hope it does, I am so tired of those stupid menus! I’ve never even opened a single one.

  • We should start a movement and all do this. For as many as I get, I’ve never seen them drop it off. Sometimes I want to call that place and scream at them–STOP!!!

  • How do you know what take out to order if you didn’t get the menus? I love getting the menus. It’s how I know about new places in whatever city I’ve lived. (Except California, I believe they were banned from distribution that way in Oakland/Berkeley/SF. But I see that as a flaw.)

  • The biggest issue here has to be the enormous waste of paper. Most of these places have at least a basic Web site containing their menu.

  • Atleast it creates a job for someone. I don’t mind the menus if it does that.

  • I demand a follow-up from this resident. That would be service bloggin’ at it’s finest. No snark intended, seriously. I’d like to know if it works. I’ve thought of doing the same, but splattering it with (simulated) blood and (actual) tiger urine first.

  • I hate it be/c it’s an easy signal that I’m not home yet or out of town.

  • I heard that some of the folks who deliver these menus are doing so to scout properties out that they rob later. I have no idea if it’s true.

    Why would I order take out when there are 10+ restaurants within a 2 block radius of me? They’re annoying at best.

    • Some people would rather eat home. I would. I have a TV there and internet. And don’t have to wait for a server to get myself a drink.

    • ah

      Why leave the menu if you’re doing that? Just carry a few and pretend to stick it in the door if you’re doing that. Leave the menu only if someone looks funny at you.

      It’s promotion–restaurants tell their delivery guys to leave 20 menus when they’re on a given block.

  • We tend to leave it in the door and we never get more. We have yet to be robbed and have done this for months at least.

  • I just caught a guy leaving one the other day and yelled at him and he gave me the “okay” hand gesture which clearly meant, “sorry I don’t speak English,” so I’m sure that worked. It’s also fairly annoying because I work from home a lot and they always cram it in my doorjam, so when I open the door from the inside the menu always flies all over, sometimes in the space between mine and my neighbors’ porch where I can’t reach it.

    I love that this guy tried, though I’m not sure if having to look at a big ugly sign on my door is better than coming home to the menu everyday. But maybe it is!

  • Haha, I’ve got to try that. Those menus are super annoying, along with Dulcini’s (or however they spell it)pizza and Pizza Mart. The city should fine them just like they fine anyone who is caught littering. For some reason all the menus get trapped in my yard and never blow away with the wind, they make a soppy mess once it rains. They also need to do that for YellowPages guys. Completely useless.

    I only order from one Chinese restaurant in DC, China Wonder, and they never put fliers in my yard.

    Maybe POP should have a topic to rate Petworth Chinese restaurants? You can send me money for that idea once you get rich! 😉

    • just went to grubhub and it looks horribly inaccurate… showed G’town and Alexandria restaurants for Cap Hill delivery. Then PoP ate my first reply.

  • I live in Columbia Heights. I just put in my address, and it comes up with a whole list of places that will deliver to me. Then you order online. Perfect for those nights you don’t want to even talk to someone on the phone. I’ve never had a problem with it.

  • That is so stupid and ugly. People are working hard delivering those menus. It really makes one wonder about a person who would actually make this sign.

    Some of us don’t mind ordering delivery and some of us don’t mind menus now and then. Oh yeah, and some people don’t have computers or the magically internet like us modern folks.

    Junk mail is just that no matter how it is delivered. Get a shredder for the junk with your name and the rest just throw out.

  • It makes great fodder for your BBQ coal starter.

  • Speaking as someone who REGULARLY marks unwanted/mis-directed mail “return to sender” and “remove from mailing list” I have a HUGE problem with this particular intrusion. Leafleting is unsightly, anti-environment and quite possibly a security threat.

    The problem is not that I have a disdain for menus or Chinese food/pizza/contractor/handyman purveyors. The problem is that, unlike traditional junk mail delivered by USPS, there is no pathway or procedure for stopping this very unwanted leafleting at my house. Furthermore, I very much agree with ANON July 19 10:02am that when I travel extensively (as I do) I STOP my paper delivery and I STOP USPS delivery only to be plagued by MULTIPLE copies of the same menus ‘delivered’ (READ: shoved in my screen door, front yard fence, left on my front stoop, blown into my yard and/or all over my street, cluttering up the rain gutters, etc.) over the number of days that I’ve been away; thereby letting anyone making a cursory glance at my house know that noone’s been around for a while. Communicating with/advertising to prospective customers IS a legitimate business expense and should be done so in the legitimate, TAX-ADVANTAGED way that business expenses should be handled: by BUYING a mailing list of postal addresses and mailing the communication. Some of the very same businesses execute this option and upon finding their missives in my mail I either file it, return it or recycle – just as I do with the rest of my mail. Point being I have control over a process. To me, it’s not an unreasonable request or expectation.

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