Washington, DC

The great new blog from the Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force first noticed this disturbing trend last week. They noted 3 examples of this graffiti on the 2900 block, 3000 block (pictured above) and 3200 block. I was curious to see this for myself. Fortunately the 2900 block had been painted over, the 3000 block still had it and I didn’t see any on the 3200 block.

Though it does bring up a few questions – first – do you think this is an honest political statement or do you just think that this was done by a provocateur who’s just trying to rile people up?

Second – is it strange that this message would be written in blocks that haven’t really seen any gentrification?

Third, even if it is an honest sentiment, do you think a more severe punishment should be given to those who are caught placing graffiti on our streets in order to deter others?

Finally, also if this is an honest sentiment – do you think there are venues where those who feel this way can properly express their feelings instead of through graffiti like this?


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