Sweet Building Decoration

Anyone recognize what downtown building this is from? What does the W stand for? Pretty amazing, yeah?

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  • This is 734 15th Street NW, right around the corner from the Treasury and White House. Some info:

    Walker Building, a 12-story Art Deco landmark built in 1936 that is now home to a variety of consulting companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.

    The colorful sculptural concrete panel above our building’s front door was created by John Joseph Earley (1881-1945), whose studio was in nearby Arlington, Virginia. Earley and his staff were also responsible for the concrete walls and stairs in Washington’s Meridian Hill Park (also known as Malcolm X Park), for decorative sculptures and reliefs in the 1931 Reptile Pavilion at Washington’s National Zoo, and for five concrete Art Deco homes that still stand in Silver Spring’s Polychrome Historic District.

    • thats a cool business he had going.

    • I really love art deco. I’ll have to make time to visit this building. Can anyone just walk in, or do they require ID badge or somesuch?

      • The lobby is very small but has some great lining and interior work. If you come during normal business hours you can walk in. You should just be able to say hi to the guard or building super and take a look.

        None of the offices or floors have anything special to show. Most have been renovated ten different ways.

  • The Walker building was built for and named after William H. Walker, a prominent real estate developer. It’s permit was issued January 6, 1937, and it was built at a cost of $392,800.

  • Yeah I recognize it. I’m in the Walker Building as I type.

  • The W is for Weezer.

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