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Photo by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

There were tons of entries this week. Very tough to pick a winner but I gotta go with duder:

“i can’t believe i lost my f’n torch.”

Please email me directly and if I owe you a shirt (I think I owe 2 or 3) please email me again, thanks for your patience! Also, new t-shirts are being ordered Tues. when small sizes will be available.

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  • The torch is right there in the bag no?

  • It should have been, “I can’t believe the thugs have stole my child’s liberty!” Oh wait, Fenty and Lanier just took care of that, big time down in Shaw at the Kennedy Rec Center, children, guns, PCP, as we all suspected and knew. The thought of retaliatory violence is now really scary. No wonder there were so many crew porch meetings today. Look out folks!

  • HA! Def got a laugh out of me…

  • Wrong.
    Sorry PoP you needed some help on this. It would have been a good answer but she does have the torch under her arm.
    Giver duder the shirt but award another shirt to another entrant.
    That’s my final word.
    No need to thank me.

  • Totally agree with Anonymous…the torch is in the bag! Someone else should get a T.

    I second the motion! All those in favor say “I”

  • Now think Libby, think. If I retrace my steps I will remember where I put that effing torch. God, I smell something burning.

  • Even if the torch is in the bag that doesn’t mean she knows that, so technically she did lose the torch.

    • True, but it makes it a far worse caption.
      This is not a legal issue.

      • I agree it’s not a legal issue but it may make the caption even funnier since the torch is right there and she can’t seem to find it… I don’t know…

  • Is that a torch in your bag, or are you not at liberty to say?

  • Forget the torch. Not a good idea. Too vague and too ambiguous. The caption should hit a homerun and not be one that is debated. Since you can’t make an obvious statement about the torch you can’t make any.

    Something like:

    My feet are killing me.
    After a long day on the pedestal Lady Liberty wonders whether she should have listened to her mother and taken that teaching degree after all.
    I told that girl I wanted to comb it out soft.

  • I’m the one who took the picture and she definitely did have a torch. I think she carried it on the train by hand and had stuck it in her bag by the time I snapped the picture.

  • If the torch doesn’t fit you must acquit.

  • The torch is right there in her bag! Fail!

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