Washington, DC

A fence has gone up at the old Church at the corner of 10th and V St, NW, a former reader requested Horses Ass Award Nominee. Rumor has it that the building will be razed. A few readers have written in:

“Dear PoP,

It’s such a part of the neighborhood, how buildings next to it were designed, and everyone always envisioned the day when it would be restored. Who knows what they’ll build now. could be anything, and not necessarily something desirable. sad, sad, sad.

I would love to hear what thoughts neighbors have on what, if anything could be done to preserve it, or if it’s too late. I’m just so sick about this, and worried that some cheap-a** piece of doo-doo will replace it. It’s such an anchor for the block, and as blighted as it has been, everyone admired it for what it would eventually become. I never considered that the city would be allowed to lose it from neglect and greed.”

This is a very sad situation. Of course we don’t know all the details. But I believe that the property is in seriously bad shape so perhaps it is too far gone to save? What do you guys think about this property? Should it be saved at all costs? Could it be prohibitively expensive to save it? What is the responsibility of the property owner? Of the city?

If there is no historic designation can anything be done? Can the owner be compelled to save it? Isn’t that sorta what happened to the house at the corner of 16 and T, Streets, NW?

Should it stay or should it go?


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