Pepco to Host “APPLIANCE SWAP” For DC Customers July 24

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From a press release:

In an effort to help customers in the District save money and conserve energy this summer, Pepco will
host its first-ever “Appliance Swap.” Pepco will safely recycle or dispose of old appliances brought to the
event and provide D.C. customers information about available rebates on the purchase of ENERGY STAR
® qualified refrigerators, room air conditioners and electric water heaters.

During the event, Pepco also will announce the winners of its $5,000 D.C. Appliance Sweepstakes.
Through July 20, Pepco customers in D.C. can enter to win one of five $1,000 gift cards from The Home
Depot for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR ® appliances. Entries may be submitted online at, or by mail.

The Appliance Swap event also will feature energy efficiency information from Pepco and D.C.
Government agencies, as well as family-friendly activities hosted by The Home Depot®, live
entertainment, refreshments and interactive displays.

The Home Depot
901 Rhode Island Ave. NE
Washington, D.C.
Saturday, July 24
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Event Participants
Big 100.3
The Home Depot
District Department of the Environment
D.C. Public Service Commission

Event & Sweepstakes Information:

Energy Efficiency Programs for Pepco D.C. Customers

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  • So I swap an actual good for information (that i can find online)? No thanks ::bbm talk to the hand smiley::

    • We’re devastated you won’t be there.

      I actually just gave away 2 old window AC units that didn’t blow cold anymore. It would have been perfect for this event otherwise.

      So, before you poo-poo it, realize some people can legitimately benefit from it, especially if they had in mind to replace their old inefficient appliances.

  • I don’t understand what this event it?

    If you turn in an old appliance do you get a discount on new appliances? Are there any benefits for swapping or is the benefit just that you don’t have to pay for chucking your appliances in a recycling center or landfill?

    • Pepco wants to make it easier for our customers to make their homes more energy efficient. That’s why we’re offering to recycle old appliances at no charge, and providing information on rebates customers can receive for the purchase of new, more efficient ones. We’ll also be drawing the winners of our $5k Appliance Rebate Sweepstakes and providing information on other energy efficiency programs, like discounts on the purchase of CFL’s. There will also be interactive displays and activities focused on energy efficiency, as well as entertainment and refreshments. Hope to see you there!

      –Andre (@pepcoconnect)

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