New Solar Trees Go Up at Columbia Heights Metro (West side)

A reader noted that a lot more solar trees are going up around Columbia Heights. I noticed a few near the west side metro entrance. While I was initially suspect about the ones in the Columbia Heights Plaza they have definitely grown on me. Have they grown on you as well? Or do you think there are too many now?

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  • very cool.

  • When do we get our virtual net metered and solar gardens permits?

  • With all the problems with Pepco and the loss of power in Crestwood, we need some of those solar trees!

  • I have come to like these “trees”. They look “organic” with their surroundings.
    (but I wish Starbucks would encourage their employees to water the real tree in front of their business.)

  • I’d still like warmer tones for the actual lights.

  • I do like the “trees” in the plaza, and I guess one more outside the metro entrance is OK. I just feel there are a few too many of the lights. How much lighting is really needed? A lof of these lights are right next to other newly installed lighting, seems redundant and just clutters up some of the sidewalks, odd.

    The central plaza, and in particualr the fountain, has certainly proven to be an enormous success. Is there any other fountain like that in DC, that invites kids to play? The scene out there on weekends and evenings is really cool. Truly serves its function as a center of civic life, well-designed.

    I can’t believe the former Mayorga space is still vacant. That is just an amazing location now that construction is completed. Hopefully something will come into that space soon that will fully utilize the massive amoung of open outdoor space on the north side of Park Road.

  • I like them. I too wasn’t into them at first but they’re pretty cool. I wonder how much electricity they generate and where the electricity goes. I also wonder who controls the awesome fountain at the triangle park that has become such a neighborhood hangout. I love getting some frozen yogurt and watching the kids go nuts.

  • Now to just get those little ankle biting ghouls from splashing about in the fountain.

  • The drawings from a couple years ago made it look like the trees were going to get “petals” on the branches that don’t support the solar array. Is that still in the works? Or did someone decide that restraint was the better part of artistry (and budgeting)?

  • Wesssst-ssieeed! But seriously, these are cool.

  • This may have been discussed, but does anybody know the mechanism that these trees use to store/use power? Does it go back to the grid or is there some kind of local storage/battery involved?

  • They don’t look at all like trees. I don’t really like them. Too sterile.

  • I think the solar arrays simply charge the batteries that supply power to the lights on the “branches” of the trees.

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